1 Piece 3 Ways: 5 Ways to Wear Florals this Spring

Florals are super trendy for spring this year. You’ll be finding them on everything from your favorite flats & heels, jeans, blouses, blazers & dresses to name a few. Here’s 5 way to wear florals this spring.Florals1

  1.  Pair your Floral piece with a solid color. For instance, if you have a bright floral dress, throw a solid cardigan over top to tone it down a bit. Try a bright yellow for spring, as long as it matches the floral piece you have.
  2.  Adding floral pants to your wardrobe.. don’t me afraid to add a graphic tee to make it your own & anything… this is one of my favorite ways to wear florals. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Have a floral skirt? Grab your favorite heels, booties or flats. A solid shirt with a moto jacket or even denim jacket.
  4. Floral heels? This is huge this year and contrary to what many believe, floral heels are super easy to style. Let them be your statement.. solid top and bottom and your heels do the talking. Or let your heels match your top, add a jacket… it’s just something to go with and maybe a tad bit intimidating but easy once you go for it (stay tuned, I have some fun posts coming up on how to wear floral heels & with what!)
  5. Floral Blouse… probably one of the most easy. Throw it on with your black skirt, jeans… or what I’m showing below.. a little cream on white, perfect for spring.
What would your tip be for wearing Florals this spring? Do you dare?? 1 piece styled 3 ways

Today I’ve teamed up with Kristin & Ellen to share with you how each of us are styling florals for spring. Visit their sites to check out more inspiration. With spring in the air I’m loving adding old pieces back into my wardrobe that give it a fresh new feel. Florals does that for me, maybe because I love flowers and gardening is a passion of mine, or the fact that florals can be extremely feminine. Florals 2As I dug into my closet I found an old favorite, this Lauren Conrad three quarter length button up blouse. It’s a creamy white and just the right amount of contrast to be paired with white skinny jeans. I added my grey Steve Madden ankle boots & an Elle denim jacket (with no collar) to finish off the look. I’m also wearing large pearl earrings as an easy accessory. An easy, comfortable feminine look with florals for spring. Would you wear it?

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