10 Baby & Mommy Products to Survive the First 2 Months

disclosureBaby girl is two months old, can you even believe it? “The days are long but the years are fast” and the older I get the more I see this quote as true.  We’ve survived the first two months, with what I would call a high-maintenance infant, she’s a fussy one and is really only happy with her mommy. With that said, you can imagine these two months have been challenging, so I thought I would share with you 10 baby and mommy products that have helped us survive the first 2 months with a little more ease.

  1. My baby wrap! Used more than once a day and ever since she was just a couple days old. Babywearing as always been such a joy to me and I love that all my children enjoy it. These first two months we’ve used the Sleeveless Mei Tai from Milk & Baby (she recently just reached the weight max), the Sleepy Wrap and my current favorite a homemade wrap in pink. I can’t recommend enough good baby carriers, especially if you have more than one child. The Boba products are my favorite if you’re looking. baby-wrap
  2. Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets! I’ve never had these with my four other children and I LOVE them. My sister got me them as a baby gift and they’re amazing. I use the to wrap her in, change her on when out and about, and my favorite is they’re a great size and easily to maneuver while nursing. Love, Love, Love! muslin-wraps
  3. Nursing Bras. A few great nursing bras are absolutely essential if you want to have success with breastfeeding, especially if it’s your first and you’re still learning the ropes. My two favorites this time around for comfort & ease: the Annee Mathew Seamless Nursing bra, which is actually available on Amazon & the Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.  I can’t not share the links to my favorite nursing cami & structured nursing bra. bravado-bliss-garnet-bra
  4. Colic Calm Homeopathic Gripe Water. Though we only use this on occasion, it really has helped with how gassy and fussy she is. I used this only a couple of times with my fourth, but have been so grateful for it this time around. colic-calm
  5. Music. For my sanity (haha) but mostly the white noise that has helped just a little bit for those car rides. My friend recommended we put it on while we’re in the car for her, and on occasion it does seem to work. I use Spotify for all my music and if you pay the monthly fee you can stream most anything. What do you use to help a baby who HATES the car?
  6. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste.  Available in three types.. The Original Butt Paste, Maximum Strength and the All Natural which I’ve already had to use a couple of times for her bottom. Nothing severe, like we’ve had in the past with a couple of them, but just some redness that I wanted to kick before it got worse. I like the Butt Paste because it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients (paraben-, preservative, and phthalate-free, and contains no artificial fragrances) and it’s worked fast for even our sensitive skin babies. buttpaste-works
  7. Coconut Oil & Lavender. I’m always very careful with the little ones skin after they’re born and this time around our love for coconut oil, for just about all things is at an all time high. I use coconut oil with lavender after each bath, daily to keep her skin soft and for her tummy massages (helps relieve gas.) I’ve also started diffusing lavender and other oils throughout the house (more on that to come!) coconut-oil
  8. Carter’s Clothing for Infants. I know, you have to dress your baby, but honestly I really love Carter’s apparel. It’s affordable and just about everything is so super soft. Most everything you see her sportin’ these days has been from the Carter’s collection. We were blessed with my sisters hand-me-downs for my niece, but we also like to pick up things from Kohl’s who carries the collection. carters
  9. Boba Hoodie. With little girl in the wrap almost 100% of the time when we are out and about I don’t go anywhere without the hoodie now that it’s getting colder. You put baby in the wrap (or your preferred type of carrier) and then put the hoodie right over top and zip up on the side. It has pockets to reach in to snuggle baby, a hood and you can see baby with the opening at the top. Definitely worth investing in if you’re a babywearing family during the cooler months. boba-hoodie
  10. Last but probably the most important a support system/prayer/water/rest! Learning to humble myself to take help when offered, because we’re not supposed to be super mom all the time. Relying on God’s grace and mercy through the good and bad and keeping prayer through it all. Resting when I can, so hard when the laundry is piling up & I see a million things to do, but remembering I need it too. Water!!! Oh how I have learned over just the past few years how important it is to stay well hydrated and even more important while nursing. If I didn’t have those four from my number ten, I would be lost!

There you have 10 baby and mommy products to survive the first two months and beyond from a mommy of five. I’d love to hear what products/tips you have for surviving infancy and the first year? Remember through it all, these days really do go by fast, take time to soak in the good moments before they’re gone. It won’t last long. Much love to you all.


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