10 Reasons Why I Love Weight Watchers #FitandFabulous

Discipline – The Only Thing Necessary To Achieve Any Goal Worth Havingweight watchers

Loosing weight is no joke! We know this from just looking around us, in our own families & popular shows like Biggest Loser where people have struggled with weight their entire lives, and beg to come to the show. Though I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, part of the show that I do like is learning to eat healthy and making time for exercise… and yes I realize that those are sometimes easier said then done. Right now (and like always) there are supplements flying around that guarantee that you can have huge weight loss by just popping a pill (or several), wrap this around your body and loose inches in days, if you stick to this “Diet” you won’t just be eating healthier but you will loose the weight faster.Ā  Everyone has their own opinion on those and others that work & don’t, but let me tell you what I think works, guarantees success and doesn’t leave you craving different food that you never again can touch. It’s called Weight Watchers and nobody is paying me to write this.

Don’t Make Excuses, Make Improvements. – Tyra Banks

10 Reasons Why I Love Weight Watchers

10. You can still eat the food you love & I really do love to eat! Not everyday maybe & not the servings you have in the past, but it’s not banished. I LOVE sweets, kid you not I could eat ice cream every single day. If a pan of brownies, pie, cookies, cake, etc is in our house, I could seriously eat it all by myself in one sitting. It’s that good to me! I can have a sweet though, just learning that a 1/2 a serving is OKAY.

9. It’s easy & if you stick to the the points allotted (or their new Simple Starts) you can guarantee a healthy loss. It might not be huge & it might be slow, but it’s a start & doing it the healthy way you will know it’s safe & good for your body.

8. Exercise is all taken into consideration & if you’re moving you can expect better losses, or maybe have that extra serving of sweets, glass of wine or Bud Light you’ve been waiting for all week. You can even track your exercise so you know how many extra points you get. (Jogging for 30 minutes=5 extra points.)

7. Accountability – it’s there right in front of you. NO GUESSING GAMES (is this the right amount of food I’m eating… this bagel and cream cheese seem healthy…) You weigh in every week… your leader is there, you have to see the number on the scale and if that isn’t motivation then what is?

6. Friendships! You are not alone, no matter what you think there are people like you. My group is like a little Weight Watchers family. They are super nice, supportive and have some of the best ideas and plans. What better then friends to help you achieve your goals!

5. Rewards for Success! It’s a lifetime commitment… once you loose the weight you aren’t alone to gain it back and start over again. You can still come weekly, but they only require you come at least once a month to weigh in. It gets better… once you meet your goal it’s FREE! They even take pregnancy & breastfeeding into consideration.

4. They encourage healthy eating and learning about nutrition… eat all those fruits & veggies, they don’t count against you. No you don’t have to eat all those weight watchers food either to have success. (Though some are really good!) You can visit my Weight Watchers Pinterest Board for recipe inspiration. You can learn how loading up your chilli with extra veggies is not only going to be more filling, but better for you, instead of say 1 cup of macaroni with the same point value.

3. It costs something, but by paying your investing yourself in your HEALTH, into something that’s good great for you. Your not going to easily throw it away when it’s free. That really kept me motivated as well.. I need to make goal so it doesn’t cost me anything anymore.

2. You can still go out to eat! I love that Weight Watchers even has the points calculated for TONS of chain restaurants, so when in a pinch and not even sure what’s the best option it’s right there (did I mention it’s mobile?) So for those of us on the run a lot, YOU CAN STILL DO IT!

1. IT WORKS! You can trust it and everyone I know who has worked, and by worked I mean go to the meetings, follow the plan and track, has had success. They know that YOU deserve this, that you deserve to have a healthy body, live healthy and be around for your grandchildren. You can do this!!

Everything Is Hard Before It Is Easy. – Goethe

I want to mention too first YOU need to be truly motivated and dedicated to a lifestyle change when it comes to loosing weight. Not cheating on the weekends and giving it only half of what you got. When you feel like you can’t give anymore, TRUST me, you still got a lot more in you. For me, I promised myself to stay dedicated until I met my goal. YES, my goal might not have been as big as others, but YOU can do it and a little sacrifice in the beginning will leave you happier in the end. If you fall down, get yourself up the next minute, hour or day. YOU CAN DO IT!

It Is Not Easy, But It Is Worth It.

What do you think works? Have you tried or considered Weight Watchers before? What would you add to my 10 Reasons Why I Love Weight Watchers?

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