My 2017 Fit & Fabulous Journey

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile then you’re familiar with my Fit & Fabulous posts. They were some of my favorites to share because they not only helped me stay accountable to myself, but they were also encouraging and motivating to others. I’m excited to start my 2017 fit & fabulous journey and welcome you to start one as well.

A quick re-cap – I started my fit & fabulous journey along time ago (where I posted occasionally 2011) but really started sharing regularly in 2014 & 2015. I was the heaviest I had ever been and I had goals I wanted to achieve like losing weight (I started weight watchers) working out regularly (at least 5 times a week), and running (my first 5K, not one but two half marathons, other races and medals achieved, it was great!!) I posted well int0 2015 until I became pregnant with our fifth baby. As usual, I was sick most of my pregnancy and took a year hiatus from posting my regular fit & fabulous posts. Baby girl is now nearing five months and as planned it’s time to get back into gear.

First, lets talk goals. 

  1. Lose the baby weight/Nutrition. Eek, I have about 25 lbs to go to be my ideal weight, but 20 for pre-pregnant weight. I might get brave enough to share those numbers … soon!?  Plan: heading back to weight watchers next week (I couldn’t this week because we were plagued with sickness.) I had lifetime when I quit, due to pregnancy, so I’m excited to go back and keep that lifetime status by losing that weight quickly.
  2. Exercise. Lots more to come on this, but today… I will work out at least 5 times a week to regain strength & muscle I lost before.
  3. Running! I’ve missed running, so much. Not only running & the challenges it brings, the quiet time, but also the time with friends.  Starting slow  & finding a bra that doesn’t allow for my chest to physically hurt while running.


  1. Stress-eating. Yes, I do it, but I’ve also been able to identify those triggers to help stop the stress eating. Sadly my biggest stress is when the kids get home from school, it’s all chaos and I end up snacking on garbage. Also, fussy baby… eating helps me feel better.. or so my mind likes to think. I’ve identified those awhile ago, and though they’re still struggles/weaknesses.. I’ve been able to keep healthy options out for after school & also having veggies cut to grab when I feel frazzled.
  2. When I want to exercise and I can’t. This might sound dumb, but with the way we parent I’m with my little’s 24/7, we really are attached and this little gal is a total momma’s girl (she cries if I’m not holding her) so when you go to work out for 30 minutes and she cries and won’t even sit with anyone else for 10 min. or in her little chair while I attempt to talk to her while working out.. it gets really, really frustrating. I’m not going to feel the need to explain why, even with it’s frustrations this works for us.. if you want to know why we chose this parenting technique, still even with our fifth baby you can comment or email me. 🙂

There you have my 2017 Fit & Fabulous Journey post number one. I’m hoping to keep it real, every Wednesday (if possible) because I weigh in on Tuesday and I can share my week strengths and weaknesses. I’m also hoping for a before picture to post soon so I can add an after when I lose that weight. You’ll also find, equipment, food, products, apparel & more that help keep me going on a daily basis when it comes to fitness & nutrition. Feel free to follow my Get Fit! Motivation board on pinterest, I’m always pinning new things that help me.

Thanks for being sensitive as I share a more private journey of mine. I’d love to follow yours if you share. 🙂

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