2017 Mitsubishi Outlander #DriveMitsubishi

Finding a vehicle that can accommodate a family of seven, when it has too sounds like a task you wouldn’t want to take on. However, there are more to choose from then you would think & they make for a great secondary vehicle for larger families. When we had baby number five the option of us all taking my husbands truck was out of the question, so we’ve been considering vehicles that still have trunk space if the seats are put down, yet can still accommodate a family of seven. We recently had the opportunity to test drive the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander for a week, which seats up to seven.

The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander seats up to seven with the seats in the back folded up & the head rests put into place (these come on and off depending on if the seats are up or down.) The back seat is tight, and would be uncomfortable for an adult, as is the middle seats in the middle row. We had a booster seat in the back and an infant seat in the middle row and everyone seemed fairly comfortable for short distances.  I would say it’s ideal for a family of four that wants a vehicle with extra room. My husband drove the 2017 Mistubishi Outlander more than anyone and enjoyed the ride. It averaged right around the 26 mpg, and had many features that we enjoyed. Heating leather seats, push start, large display for radio, navigation and camera display, drive mode selection, quick pick up and handles nice even in the undesirable winter Illinois weather. 

I was impressed that you could view your camera even while driving, not only while backing up, which seems to be a great safety plus as a parent. Also add in the lane change assist, which I always like and the overall appearance. I always like to show the back-end with the seats up, so you can get an idea of the storage. It’s pretty minimal with the seats folded up, as you can see. We only grabbed a few essentials for the week, while we had the children with us and it just fit. However, put those seats (or even one down) if you don’t have seven passengers and the size increases significantly. The 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander is a nice ride, that looks smaller from the outside, but being able to seat seven ranks high in my books. Visit your local Mitsubishi dealer to test drive one today.

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