2018 Fitness Goals + Giveaway

It’s January 2nd and I’ve seen tons of posts about “new year, new you” and all the new years resolutions. I honestly haven’t made a real resolution. I always make small goals to strive for daily, weekly, & monthly which help keep me going, & my most recent non-fitness related goal would be to make “date nights” a regular for my husband and I. Lets talk 2018 Fitness Goals though, shall we! Do you have one? I hesitate sharing mine, mostly because I have this fear that if I share then I’m fully committing and then I could fail?! I don’t know if that’s really all of it, but… lets lay out what I want and hope for this year of 2018..

2018 Fitness Goals. . .

  • Better health in general. Less crap, more veggies, fruits & water daily. Continue to follow weight watchers to stay in healthy weight range, but stay away from those foods that I know upset my stomach & are kind of like an inflammatory foods for me. No specific diets, but to sum all of that up… being more HEALTH CONSCIENCE on a day to day basis.
  • Strength training – yoga stretches to weight lifting. Making it a regular commitment. Especially my upper body which is pathetically weak. Nothing out of control, but getting “something in” even on run days. Nothing crazy, but to build to a stronger me.
  • Running! What I wish I could focus on only when it comes to fitness goals, but not realistic or healthy for me. I want to run my first 50K (31 miles for those who don’t know) this year… my “hope” is that will happen in March *fingers crossed*. Continue with the Yeti Polar Challenge. 500 outdoor miles from November 1-March 31st.  I’m currently on track and sitting at 208.9 miles so far. This is extremely challenging for me with littles at home & extreme temperatures. Continue with the Yeti Trail Series with my husband December, January, February, March – one race a month 5K, 10k, 15K & ending with a 20K. Fun for my husband and I to work towards together & this will be his longest distances ever.  Once these races are finished, continue to keep a strong running base to possibly pace some huge ultra runner friends in their fall ultra races. As for future races, I hope to get that 50K title & find whatever comes my way that won’t interfere to much with family & keeping that balance.

How has fitness been going for me up until today, January 2nds post!? I’d say pretty darn good, except for some minor eating set backs over the Christmas season.. hah! The chiropractor has really helped me get my body back in line, regular foam rolling and really listening to my body has changed and helped keep me relatively healthy.

Recent running fun…

Running with friends & my husband, who have been helping me get my weekly miles in… thanks to the Yeti Polar Challenge I’ve been averaging around 22 miles a week.

Helping my sister ring in her 2017 miles for 2017 on her birthday with 18.5 miles of my own, with temperatures feeling like -15 to -11 the entire time we were out! What an adventure.

My first Eye Ice-Cycles (is that how you spell that?) from running in the sub-zero temperatures. Don’t worry, I’ve never been cold & make sure I can get in quickly if need be. Though this is adventurous, I’m ready for those warmer days to be back soon.

I’m ready to go kick 2018 in the butt, staying healthy, crushing goals and dreaming big! What are you 2018 fitness goals? I’d love to follow your journey. Follow me on Instagram for regular updates!

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