3 Of The Worst Cellphone Behaviors

Did you know that July is national cellphone etiquette month? Seems strange that we need one, but with just about everyone having a cellphone, or a mobile phone like the iPhone 7 plus these days, and children starting use them at earlier ages, we do need to know/learn/teach proper cellphone etiquette. Last year I actually discussed this topic & shared tips on proper cellphone etiquette.  Today, for kicks & giggles, lets talk about 3 of the worst cellphone behaviors & how you can avoid them.

3 of the Worst Cellphone Behaviors, brought to you by a recent study from U.S. Cellular.

  1. Using the phone while driving: Not only is using a phone while driving a basic annoyance for 83 percent of smartphone users surveyed, it is a safety concern. However 44 percent of smartphone users admit to doing it. The solution? Put the phone down while driving and focus on the road.
  2. Looking at a phone during a conversation: According to the survey, 67 percent of smartphone owners think it is rude to look at a phone while having a conversation, yet 45 percent of them also sometimes check or use their phone to avoid having conversations. Instead, take a break from the device and enjoy the present and the conversation.
  3. Looking at a device while walking: While we all lead busy lives and multitasking is often the answer, 61 percent of smartphone owners get annoyed when people stare at their phones while walking. It’s important to look up and check the surroundings as 36 percent of owners have had someone walk into them because they were on their phone, and 24 percent have personally walked into someone or something because they were on the phone.

What are your pet peeves when it comes to worst cellphone behaviors? Do you agree with any of the above?

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