4 Ways to Wear a Button Down Shirt

Are you ready to start styling your favorite spring pieces that have been packed away or the ones you’re starting to purchase? I for sure am.. slowly I’m pulling pieces that I can transition easily, like chunky cardigans that don’t fit nicely under my heavy winter coat, flats, short sleeved & light weight tops. Spring means lighter colored jeans, white jeans/pants, stripes, blouses and a lighter color palate to bring spring alive. Today I want to share with you 4 ways to wear a button down shirt and share with you this adorable J.Jill mixed-stripes shirttail button down tunic top in a great spring pink and white color. This button down tunic is light weight, has a mix strip and is a great length to wear with many pieces, but lets talk about how easily this is to wear in multiple ways to get more looks with just one top.

4 Ways to Wear a Button Down Shirt
  1. Front Tuck. Easily just grab the front of the shirt and tuck it in the front of your pants/jeans, skirts or shorts. It’s easy, no fuss and it’s not supposed to be perfect. I still have a bit of a baby pooch  & a large bust so with this way to wear, it doesn’t lay real flat on me, but it’s so easy and you’ll look chic and stylish.
  2. For my second of the 4 ways to wear a button down shirt. Lets talk the Half Tuck. Have you tried it yet? This is one of my favorite ways to wear a button down top because it’s just fun and a bit edgy. I like to un-button the very bottom & use the material of the underside. Just grab and tuck in the front of your pants. No fuss ladies, it’s supposed to be laid back and easy going. I really like how with this top from J.Jill and mixed stripes comes together with the half tuck.
  3.  Lets talk about the old school Knot Front. If you’re digging this vibe, just un-button the bottom button and tie the bottom into a knot. I like to leave the bottom of the back un-tucked but you can tuck it in if you like that look too. Easy and fun!
  4. The last ways to wear a buttoned down top would be to just Let it All Hang Out.

You can wear it alone, roll the sleeves or let them be long. Or with spring here, moto jackets are all the rage, so wear it over your button down top, or thrown on a great chunky cardigan.

White is a great color for spring and with this particular top it really goes well. If you’re looking for jean details, they’re blank denim skinny jean.

There you have 4 ways to wear a button down shirt to get more looks with one shirt. What’s your favorite way to wear a button down?

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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