5 Ways to Wear a Leather Wrap Choker

Have you been eying the long leather wrap choker? They’re cute & a fun trendy jewelry piece that you can wear many different ways to complete the look you’re going for. You can grab them at lots of boutiques, but if you want a steal Swirling Honey Boutique has both the black and camel option for only $5.99. I’m sharing five ways to wear a leather wrap choker, if you’re looking for some different ways to style one.

One. This is wrapped around your neck (starting in the front) and brought down in the middle where you tie a bow and let the ends hang.You’ll see a lot of fashion bloggers tying theirs in bows, they can be up low, high, just in a bow. Let your inner child go to town & all looks are cute & on trend.

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Two.Wrap the leather choker around your neck several times and then just tie in front. Be sure to keep the leather straight.

Outfit Details: Lularoe maxi skirt | classic tee Lularoe | leather wrap choker.

Three. Follow steps for two but instead of tying in the front you tie in in the back so you can’t see the ends. Outfit details: Carly Lularoe Dress | Earth Brands Olive Boots | Plaid Blanket Scarf | Leather Wrap Choker

Four. This is my favorite way to wear the leather wrap choker in camel. Follow same steps as number one, but instead of tying in a bow just tie it in a small knot and leg ends hang.

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Five. This one is incredibly simple, all you do is put the leather wrap choker in half, warp around your neck and pull the two ends through the loop and adjust how tight you want the look to be.

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There you have five ways to wear a leather wrap choker. Swirling Honey Boutique also has some other great ideas for styling. Grab yours in camel or black for a steal at only $5.99. How do you plan to wear your leather wrap choker?

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