A Family Favorite: Jambalaya Recipe with Hillshire Farm #HillshireSausage

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hil2Jambalaya has been a family favorite ever since the kids were little. My husband actually introduced it to me, and we’ve been making it regularly for ten years now. What makes Jambalaya even better is that, it’s an easy meal that you can quickly be thrown together and taste great for any weekday meal.  Whether you’re choosing to grab your favorite Jambalaya from a box, or make it homemade I can tell you the meat you choose to use can make it break it. We’ve been using the Polish Kelbasa from Hillshire Farms as our go-to meat when it comes to this recipe. The flavor is delicious!!

How do we make our Jambalaya Recipe? It’s pretty easy… just grab your favorite Jamalaya box.. it contains everything you need (besides the meat).. we buy Zataran’s or Aldi brand. Purchase your Hillshire Farm Polish Kelbasa and you’re ready to go. hilshirt farm sausage

  • Directions: Follow the Directions on the box. Basically boil the water and then add the rice and mix. 🙂hilshirt sausage1
  • While the water is boiling, cut your Polish Kelbasa. I typically cut it fairly small so it’s easier for all the kids to eat. It tends to make two boxes go a lot further and then my husband can have some for left overs the next day (because seriously, it’s just as good warmed up.)
  • Once you add the box to the water, add your meat. Stir and simmer for about 20 minutes, let stand for a 5 and serve. It’s absolutely delicious!!hil1

A delicious, easy meal read in under 30 minutes that your family can all enjoy. Not to mention.. it’s a super easy clean up, which is always an added bonus in my books! I do warn that Jambalaya is a little bit spicy, so if you have anyone who’s a bit sensitive to spices, this is your heads up. Is this something your family would enjoy?hil3

What’s your go-to under 30 minute meal? Would you try Jamabalya? Want more recipe inspirations, check out these ideas for Sausage So Simple.
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