Athletic Wear Designed for Women

It’s hard enough to get a good work out in during our favorite time of the month, even if you have the best pads or tampons you still worry about leaking. Or what about women that suffer with incontinence or leaking, it hits you hard once you have children & that’s why Dear Kate comes into play. They carry athletic wear designed just for women and it doesn’t stop there, all all the undergarments you can imagine and they’re perfect when you need a little more protection then just your basic undies.

I had the opportunity to check out the Dear Kate Go Kommando Yoga pants. These comes in a variety of styles and prints, but I went with your basic black. The Go Kommando are designed to actually be worn without undies (if you choose so.) They have Underlux technology, sweat wicking fabric,  lined crotch gusset allowing you to wear them with our without undies & with the mini lined covers, they can hold up to one teaspoon of liquid without anyone knowing & look great on!

Start your new years resolution of shedding those pounds, getting fit and working out with athletic gear designed for women from Dear Kate. It’s hard enough to get into a new habit, let these styles keep you motivated & looking great.

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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