Back to School Fashion with Arizona Brand at JcPenney

disclosureIt’s August & back to school shopping is in full swing. JcPenney continues to be a named company for back to school fashion and all your shopping needs. Carrying a huge selection for the family both in-store and online you’ll be sure to find something your kids are going to love. My kids have to stick to uniforms most days, but my daughter had a blast shopping the Arizona brand for back to school fashion for those special jean days and I couldn’t be more happy with the selection and pieces she ended up with.JcPenney Arizona OutfitHow adorable is this shirt and skinny jean combination, both from the Arizona brand from JcPenney? The top even comes with the most adorable, age appropriate fringe, suede purse for your little lady. Great true-to-fit products that can be mixed and matched in the wardrobe for more back to school wear. JcPenney Arizona Outfit 2The top comes in three different colors, depending on your little ones preference and a bonus besides the added purse that comes with it… JcPenney Outfit backThe back is slightly longer allowing little ladies to wear it with their favorite skinny jeans. Perhaps the destructed ones featured that my daughter is wearing. She came up all on her own to cuff the bottom, but these are the perfect length to wear with flats and sandals as summer ends. Nice fit & available in different washes for whatever you’re looking for. JcPenney Arizona CardiganFringe is still all the rage my friends and longer the cardigan (or as I used to know the longer ones as.. dusters) the better. You’ll be finding trendy women wearing them all over this fall. This one is a light-weight material that’s perfect for fall right into winter and the fringe makes it so-much-fun! JcPenney Arizona Cardigan BackThe fringe on this long fringe cardigan goes all the way around and will go with dresses, jeans and even leggings this fall and winter months. Available in a cream and a grey, you can add it to your girls wardrobe and know it will get tons of wear. JcPenney Arizona Dress and PurseI couldn’t get enough of this Arizona brand navy print pheasant dress. If I could wear it for myself I totally would. It’s absolutely adorable with the lace upper and the puffy like longer sleeves. Adorable with the wedges, flats or boots when the colder weather arrives. She’s pairing it with the adorable fringe purse from the first top and is just about in love with it as I am. JcPenney Arizona DressThe perfect dress for back to school and any other event you will have in the coming months! Stylish and trendy, yet still age appropriate.

The Arizona brand, available at JcPenney has been around for years and you can find a range of sizes for the entire family. All three of my boys wear Arizona and my husband has a nice collection of dress shirts from them as well. JcPenney has some great back to school sales going on, visit their store or shop online to get all your back to school fashion needs.

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