Back to School with the Newest Learning Tool from LeapFrog: LeapStart

leapstart BoxBack to school means something different to many parents – public, private, home school, some kids home and some in school. This year we will have three in school and two at home. I choose to home school through pre-school and if you ask my kids, they even keep up on math and reading throughout the summer, so learning tools are essential in our family. Recently, as part of the LeapFrog Mom Squad, we had the opportunity to try out the newest learning tool from LeapFrog the LeapStart. Leapstart Fun

This new learning system is designed for children preschool through 1-st grade and school and life skills for the 2-7 year olds & comes with a sampler bookbook for both preschool and pre-kindergartener  or what you’re seeing about the Kindergarten and 1st grade oriented. Each additional replayable activity book is sold separately. The LeapStart was designed to get kids excited about learning and help with everything – social skills, reading, comprehension, communication, phonics and problem solving to shapes and social skills. Leapstart PlayThe entire LeapStart device is easy to use and travels easily. It has an easy-grip stylus and requires just two AA batteries.  Both my 6 year old and 4 year old have no issues learning and choosing their favorite activity books with no help what-so-ever. Making learning even easier on momma!  Each of the books has over 30 activities so keeping them busy with fun for long times. My 6 year old really enjoys the Superhero Vocabulary book because it has a lot of games & he learns a lot regarding reading & sounds. The Shapes & Colors has also been a huge hit because “you get to learn about music” – identifying, matching and lots of great activities. The Kids’ World Atlas is great to learn about the world & the various cultures. LeapStartOverall my kids have enjoyed the newest learning tool from LeapFrog the LeapStart and all the fun activities books. You can visit the LeapFrog store or even purchase on Amazon. Add this to your collection of learning material to help your kiddo’s learn no matter what your back to school plans might be.

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