The Best Sippy Cup with Straw from Joovy

I never like to get overly excited about sharing a sippy cup with straw until we’ve really put it to the test, and after a couple of months of using the Joovy Sippy Cup with Straw Pengoo, I can confidently say this is one of the best we’ve tried. 


The Pengoo sippy cup with straw from Joovy will become a favorite for parent and child & let me tell you why!

  1. The Pengoo is absolutely ADORABLE with it’s whimsical design, looking just like a penguin.
  2. It comes apart into four parts, making cleaning easy and you know you’re getting it clean. Bottle part, handle, top, and straw all come apart with this sippy cup with straw & are dishwasher safe.
  3. It’s truly spill proof and the top of the Pengoo folds down to hide the straw when you want to close it, and then the penguin looks like it’s sleeping. Open to expose the straw and it looks like it’s awake.
  4. The handle has a special slot in it so the cup is always positioned correctly for your little one to hold and drink from. The handles are never crooked and always line up with the straw, which is such a bonus for a sippy cup with straw.
  5. The Pengoo sippy cup with straw is also designed to be slightly tipped (the bottom is not level) making it easier for your little one to always get the last little bit from the cup.
  6. Available in both eight & twelve ounce options & BPA, BPS & Phthalate free.
  7. The adorable Joovy Pengoo sippy cup with straw has a soft flexible straw, which I love for our little girl.
  8. You can also use the Pengoo without the handles if you’d like and it works just the same. Either way, it’s easy to hold depending on what you’re child is used too. Our daughter has never had a bottle and went right to a sippy cup with straw for her first “cup” and the Pengoo has been great.
  9. It’s priced right at $14.99 for either the 8oz or 12 oz option.
  10. My daughter loves it & it’s easy for us, which is the number one goal when we look for a cup!! The Pengoo sippy cup with straw is number one in our book & since using it, we haven’t even considered looking for another sippy cup to have along with it.

You can grab the Pengoo sippy cup with straw from the Joovy website, or Amazon with free shipping if you’re a Prime Member.

A sample of the Pengoo sippy cup with straw was provided to me as being part of the Joovy Mom Bloggers. Affiliate links are used to help making shopping easier for you. All opinions are my own.

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