The Best S’mores for the Campfire

smoresA few weeks back we were having fire with my sisters family and you can’t have a fire without s’mores. My brother in law ran to the closest open store and unfortunately there were no grahm crackers, so he improvised and grabbed some Chips A’hoy cookies instead. We weren’t sure how they would taste, but after one bite we’ve all decided this is how we want our s’mores for now on. So, if you’re planning a cookout, campfire, a 4th of July fire… try this new spin on S’mores. I guarantee they will be a hit and everyone will enjoy them!

smores2If you don’t know how to build a s’more.. here we go! First cook your marshmallow to a golden brown, or hardly cooked or burnt — cook it your favorite way! Then add it to either chewy or crunchy chips a’hoy cookie that you’ve added two small bars of hershey’s chocolate too. Add the top cookie and enjoy when warm!

smores3This is how my kids like it – the mallow hardly cooked! Still takes good and doesn’t it look nice?


With the 4th of July just around the corner, head to the store and surprise your family and guests with this delicious treat- the best s’mores ever! Enjoy.

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