Bluetooth Earbuds Jabra Sport Pace Keeping you Active #JabraSportPace

disclosureMy husband and I enjoy running, and we are passing that down to our children who are enjoying it as well.  I can’t wait to start hitting the pavement again in the coming months, but until then my husband is trying out the gadgets I plan to use & one that tops my list is the Jabra Sport Pace. 14068299_10209075658200414_4345383051506173426_n

These bluetooth earbuds rank high in our list of must have for running! They’re lightweight and stay in and over your ears without slipping even during those sprinting miles. They come with three different earbud sizes, so fit all different ear sizes. Easy volume control on the side that allows you to even pause workouts, making it easy to keep your device in your armband, or running pouch. The Jabra Sport Pace pairs easily with your mobile device and gets you up and ready quickly. Jabra Pace

The Jabra Sport Pace has up to five hours of battery life, and charges quickly. If it’s dead it also features the Rapid Charge, which allows you to charge it quickly in 15 minutes and provides you with 60 minutes of battery life – no excuses people! It’s also available in three colors & did I mention it’s weather and sweat resistant? Yay, because when you run like a beast you’re going to sweat like one too.

Jabra Sports Pace

The Jabra Sport Pace also comes with the Jabra Sport Life app, which is just a whole lot of awesomeness itself. The app has tons of great features, but if you have this you really won’t need anything else. It tracks a number of different sports/activities, has GPS to track your distance and route and allows you to set goals, intervals, pace & more. It’s like a personal trainer because you can actually choose different workouts to complete & it all keeps track of it so you can check it all out after your workout.

We give the Jabra Sport Pace two thumbs up. Stay tuned in the coming months, as I hit the pavement again I’ll be sharing more on my social channels! Until then, check it out for yourself. Maybe today is the first day to start your training, or you’ve been working at it for years… no excuses! Make a change & use devices that make it fun. You can purchase the Jabra Sport Pace on Amazon.

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