Bluetooth Sound Machine

Are you looking for something to help soothe your little ones to sleep? Or create high quality white noise for longer & better rest throughout the night and nap time? A few months ago we were introduced to the Baby Oasis, bluetooth sound machine and I can’t say enough about the quality of this product.

The Baby Oasis, Bluetooth Sound Machine is doctor approved and mom of five approved as well.  Sound Oasis creates many different types of machines, but the Baby Oasis bluetooth sound machine is specifically designed for your little ones with 12 different preloaded soothing sounds like summer night, dolphin noises, car ride, womb and heartbeat and more.

This bluetooth speaker and sound machine in one has a rechargeable batter and lasts up to 5-8 hours on one use. Allows for continuous play, easy volume and music control, with amazing quality sound and range. We also love that though it comes with great preloaded sounds, you can also use your own music for baby, or like us, to just jam out to outdoors or wherever we need a great bluetooth speaker. It’s also small and compact, so easy to put just about anywhere.

You can snag this Bluetooth Sound Machine from the Sound Oasis site for $59.95. We give it two thumbs up and definitely a great product, if you’re looking for a machine for white noise, or even just a great bluetooth speaker.

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