Creating Memories at the Summer Festivals

Can you even believe it’s almost time for all the summer festivals? Maybe in your neck of the wood they’ve already started, but we still have about a month here in Illinois. We love spending time with family & friends at the many summer festivals – whether it’s just to ride the carnival rides, attending band, or a favorite country star, the tractor-pull, or for some of those tasty carnival treats. The summer festivals are where it’s at & when you have your smartphone (like the iPhone 7) with you 24/7, you can start creating lasting memories from the planning stage to the end.

With the help of U.S. Cellular here’s a list of apps and tips that can help you create memories at the summer festivals this year.

  1. Pick the summer festival that meets what you’re looking for – either for the entire family or for just the adults. Maybe pick a couple!
  2. Start inviting your friends, so you can start creating those memories — friends for your kids to ride the carnival rides with, or you girlfriends for that favorite star you’ve been dying to hear.
  3. Wunderlist is a free organizational app that allows users to share and assign to-do lists, set due dates and  reminders and collaborate on projects from any smart device.  Depending on what you’re putting together for your fun outing, this will help you get it done. Perfect for not only summer festivals.
  4. Be sure to plan what you’re wearing & pack appropriately. I put together a What to Wear & NOT wear to the amusements parks, which offers great tips for summer fun!
  5. If you’re planning on driving a distance, then check out Airbnb it has all the same features as the appraised website, now in an app. Users can find, save and book the perfect place to stay, all from your phone. Yay for easy planning.
  6. Maybe you’re attending a summer festival and having a camping adventure while you’re at it. We cant wait to head out to the camping grounds this year. The BC Tent Finder app looked pretty cool if you’re at a music summer festival and tending – it helps you find and locate your tend among the crowd.
  7. If you want to stay super organized, this app might just be for you — the Packing Pro is an enhanced mobile travel list app that allows users to create lists, monitor total items, pick from sample packing lists and more. There is a free version, or users can upgrade to the “pro” version for $2.99 to get additional features.
  8. I really like the idea of the Find My Friends, free Apple app that allows users to follow a friend’s location and share their own. Through the app, users can easily locate friends and family using their smartphone. Hit the summer festivals with friends or your kids and always know where everyone is at.
  9. We needed this app last summer when we went on a big family vacation. The free GroupMe app allows users to seamlessly communicate via group message, no matter their device—which means users can chat from their phone, computer or tablet.
  10. Always plan a budget before heading to the summer festival. Tickets, food & drinks, games and all the festival entails can really add up. By planning out the amount of money you want to spend can help create non-stressful memories and you won’t be tempted to just blow all your cash at one time.
  11. If you don’t want to keep cash on you though, the Venmo app allows users to pay anyone with a Venmo account by linking their bank account or debit card quickly. The service is secure, can be used with anyone and is free when using Venmo balance, bank account, debit card or prepaid card.
  12. There’s also the option of the Google Wallet allows users to send or request money from anywhere. Users can receive money directly into their bank account and can send money to others with merely an email address or phone number.
  13. Set designated places to meet up and at specific times – this is especially great when you have children.
  14. Most of all, remember to have fun & enjoy your family and friends while you’re out at the summer festivals this year.

U.S. Cellular offers affordable, high-quality network and reliable coverage so you can enjoy whatever type of summer festivals you attend. You can also choose from a variety of up-to date mobile devices.

What kind of summer festivals will you be attending this year?

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