D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera #Giveaway

Sponsored. It’s really hard for me to even put my head around, but with our fourth baby currently 18 months old I can honestly say that he’s the first baby we really use and depend on a Baby Camera with. I have no idea why we didn’t use one before and after having reliable baby monitor/camera’s I really don’t know how one goes without one. Like I mentioned we depend on ours not only for the 18 month old, but also for our older children as well. So, let me share with you the D-Link Baby Camera that’s pretty awesome. babycam

The Wi-Fi Baby Camera from D-Link is a wireless HD camera that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a mobile baby monitor. It connects to your Wi-Fi network and you have access at home or anywhere your mobile device goes that has internet connection. You actually wirelessly connect directly to the camera by using the free mydlink baby camera mobile app. Extremely easy use and add to your device. It’s walks you through with step by step instructions which are wonderful and ensures you have your Wi-Fi Baby Camera connected and focused. No service fees are required, so no worries there. image111

The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera has so many features, I’m still playing with a lot of them. All the features are able to be controlled from your smartphone.

  • Two Way Audio: You can actually hear your baby and respond through your smartphone or tablet device.
  • Sound Detection: Sends you a notification when your baby is crying.
  • Motion Detection: Alerts you when their is motion.
  • Temperature Alerts: Notifies you when the room becomes too hot or cold.
  • Lullabies: Choose from 5 lulabies to play for your baby.
  • 4X digital Zoom: View objects closer by just pinching the screen to zoom in and out.
  • microSD Card Slot: Record when motion or sound is detected and play back. You can take photo’s and HD high quality videos.
  • Day & Night Vision: See up to 16feet in total darkness.

The Wi-Fi Baby Camera is really sleek and modern, completely round with a small base to set on, or can also be mounted on the wall (wall mount kit included) and comes with switchable accent rings for your preference of blue or pink. I was really impressed with this camera and how easy it was to use in our home and also while I was outside and on the go. I can just click on my D-link baby app and check in on things. This is especially nice for myself, being a stay at home mom who’s with my children a lot that I can have the comfort of checking in on them even when I’m away. The benefits are amazing with this specific camera and great technology for parents of today. Check it out, I really think you will be blown away by just how awesome it is to turn your smartphone or tablet into a baby camera. Want to see how it works? This BabyCam video shows a bit more about it.

The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L) is now available for $179.99 at Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart and throughout D-Links vast network of retail and e-tail outlets in the US.

WIN! One Momma in Flip Flops reader will win the D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera (RTV $179.99). Enter through the form below.

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