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A day in my life — when I was debating whether to write on this topic I had a lot of back and forths. One, if you follow my blog you know I’m a mom, a mother of five to be specific & a lot of my days are spent chauffering children where they need to go, stopping the littlest one from climbing on all the chairs & playing whatever fun games/activities we can come up with. Thrown in the mix is my love for my faith and where that takes me/and the struggle of making time for prayer, running, fashion & getting creative on my blog, as well as spending time with the love of my life for 13 years, my husband.

After sometime I decided, that’s why you’re here reading my blog — because you care, so I’m taking you on ‘A Day in my Life‘ on a Sunday, when we are typically on the go and spending time with family & friends. As well as more of a typical every day moments at home, where I’m typically spending the majority of my time now that school has started.

I talk a lot about Real Mom Style as well, fashion that functions for me & where I am in my life. I like to think of myself as pretty well rounded – you’ll find me on the bike path with my kids, hiking, shopping, hanging out with friends, playing in the yard and more (just follow my insta-stories) so the clothing I wear has to be able to work for my varying adventures, & that’s where prAna and their organic cotton, comfortable clothing comes into play… On Sunday’s we attend Mass as a family & usually are on the run – my clothing of choice needs to look dressy enough for Mass, yet function for the day, especially if we’re not headed back home.

These Uptown pants in cargo green from prAna have become a favorite, elastic to, dtraw string, pockets & so easy to style, they’re great for everyday & dressing up just a bit.

They hardly show dirt and since I typically have a baby on my lap, or a preschooler pulling at me, I love how they hardly show dirt & make me pulled together & comfortable.

Spending some quality time with my family, while my sisters were home from Houston during the evacuations because of Hurricane Harvey.  I loved how cool they were for pants, in the August humidity.

You can grab the Uptown pant from prAna in the cargo green, black, or coal colors.

On a regular, everyday basis I always try to get dressed out of my workout gear. I feel better when I do & I’m ready at a moments notice if something comes up that I need to be ready for (which is often.) Though on a regular, you’ll find me in the yard during these nice days playing with my little ones. Comfortable, movable clothing is a most. The Daria Sweater Hoodie is super cute & great for everyday adventures. Whether it’s a lunch date with girlfriends, even with the kiddo’s tagging along, or just hanging out at home getting things done.

The Daria Sweater Hoodie from prAna is available in truffle, which is like a gorgeous muted purple, black, cargo green & camel. Featuring a front kangaroo pocket, hood and cocoon sleeves, so this is going to be so perfect when it comes to layering for those cooler months.

Let prAna apparel, with their organic cotton blends everyday designed apparel take you wherever your life leads you. I have pieces from prAna that have been in my closet for years, get regular wear and I still love the way they look & feel.

Thanks for taking time to check out A Day in My Life as I wear prAna. Remember to follow my insta-stories for more of my everyday moments. If you plan to shop for either the Daria sweater hoodie or uptown pant, featured, take advantage of this 15% off coupon: MHMAS15 — expires October 7, 2017.

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