Dressing your Man in Lee Jeans

Lee JeansMenThere are three kind of guys – 1. The guy that absolutely cares what he’s wearing & is going to pick out everything 2. The guy that absolutely doesn’t care what he’s wearing & will typically throw on whatever and doesn’t care where it came from 3. The guy that cares, but will give the reigns to his wife to pick out his clothing (for the most part!) Aha, maybe their aren’t just 3 types, but I’m going to play that category game today. My husband falls into the third & I did some shopping for him at Lee Jeans. He never seems to know what’s going to look good when it comes to online shopping and was thrilled when these pieces arrived. Lee Jeans Men2The Dungarees Bootcut jean in manpower color have become some of his favorites. They have just a bit of distressed to them and have a great fit through the butt and legs. Giving him a sexy slender appearance without being too tight or baggy. They look great for everyday & I loved how they turned out when we had family photo’s taken from the first photo. Lee Jeans5My man wears dressy casual every day for work, so pants in a variety of colors and fits are what he goes to every single day. He’s always had luck with the Men’s Khaki Pants from Lee Jeans and the Weekend Chino are a favorite. Coming in several different colors, you can add the entire collection to your mans wardrobe. Lee Jeans 4The flat front is flattering and these are a pair of classic pants that he’ll be able to wear for jeans. The grey color adds a dressy color to his wardrobe, but having them be a chino pant they’re still casual for every day. These are incredibly affordable and hold up well, especially if he needs pants that are going to get continued wear.

Visit Lee Jeans for more products and if you didn’t see my post last week on styling the Denim Skirt from Lee Jeans, I’d recommend it. Grab a cute skirt and some great pants and jeans for your man. Some samples were provided, all opinions are my own.

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