Easy Snack Idea :: Chocolate Chip Croissants

You know when your kids want a sweet snack and you want a sweet snack but the idea of really putting a lot of work into it is not going to happen? That happens to me a lot these days, so the other day when I had crescent rolls that were about to expire, I thought lets add some chocolate chips and see what happens… wah lah… Chocolate Chip Croissants that taste AH-MAZE-ZING! Once upon a time I know I saw this somewhere (probably pinterest.) Since the first time I made these, they have been a hit and everyone asks for them. Total time 20 minutes (including cooking) & you can’t beat that.

Chocolate Chip Croissantscresacnts2


  • Crescent Rolls (I’ve used Pillsbury and Aldi brand)
  • Chocolate Chips – semi sweet worked better, but we’ve also used milk chocolate morsels
  • Egg whites (optional)

Spray your cooking pan. Add your Crescent rolls to the pan like you normally would, put a TBS or the desired amount of chocolate chips on and then roll, just like you would if you were making regular crescent roll croissant’s. Take egg white and brush on top, it gives them a nice golden brown look. I’ve used the egg whites when I wanted to and other times not. Cook for 12-15 minutes as can instructs. Remove and let sit for a wee bit to cool, but they do taste the best a bit warm!crescants1

Let your family enjoy these delicious Chocolate Chip Croissants. My kids beg for these anymore!

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