Easy to Use Smartwatch for Kids

Are you looking into getting your child a smartwatch but don’t want anything overly fancy or high tech? I have an easy to use smartwatch for kids option for you. Available in Hello Kitty and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.smat watches for kids

This smartwatch for kids is very basic.. featuring a camera, video & audio recorder, multi-activity tracker which allows you to track activity and go to different levels (over-achiever, olympian, etc), with the activity tracker you an sync the watch to your mobile device and monitor their activity with the kids fitness app. My younger kids really like this option! smartwatch for kidsKids are able to change watch faces and the different ways to tell the time. This smartwatch for kids is also comfortable to wear and perfect for littles. It is geared for children 5 and up and comes with a cord for recharging. We found with quite a bit of daily use, it does need to be charged daily. On a rare occasion we also found that it would restart on it’s own, changing the display and time that the kids had already set.smart watches

This has been a fun option for my kids who would like a smartwatch but aren’t ready for anything high tech at this point. They’ve also been loving being able to track their activity, especially during the Olympics and with my older son having his own Garmin watch, it allows the younger ones to feel included. You can grab the TNMT or Hello Kitty Smartwatch for kids at Toys ‘R’ Us or Amazon. Would you purchase a smartwatch for your kids?

Sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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