Eat Better & Eat Together this Month

I know that it’s hard to sit down as a family and have at least one meal together. When we have a busy schedule and headed in different directions, dinner together used to be one of the first things I tossed out the window; thinking it’s more convenient for everyone to just eat when they can, or some can grab and go, but this paste year, even with busy schedules, I’ve been trying to make a conscience effort to not only eat together (and remember, how often and when depends on what can be worked out for your family) but also to eat healthier, less “drive-thru” and more healthy-packed meals. With the help if your mobile device, such as the iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, you can eat better & eat together more often.

Apps & Tips to help your family Eat Better & Eat Together.

  1. When you do get the chance to sit down at a meal together. Remember to POWER DOWN! Nothing is more important than family being together and interacting with each other.
  2. Some great apps to use are AllRecipes Dinner Spinner and Yummly. These apps allow users to search recipes by keywords, dietary restrictions, cook/prep time and ingredients to include or exclude. They also have options to save and organize favorite recipes, add necessary ingredients to an online grocery list and receive customized recipe recommendations based on food preferences and restrictions.
  3. There are also apps that make family mealtimes less stressful by ordering meal delivery through GrubHub or the new UberEats application. And making dinner reservations at local restaurants is easy using OpenTable.
  4. Apps like Offtime and BreakFree track connectivity and limit device usage, reminding
    smartphone users to unplug at certain times, which helps them digitally detox and enjoy
    family (or alone) time without distractions.
  5. I’ve talked about this a lot in the past, but as a friendly reminder. U.S. Cellular’s Parent-Child Agreement offers an easy way for parents to talk to their kids about appropriate phone usage; it is available for download at
  6. Similarly, ParentKit allows parents to digitally set limits regarding when their children can use their devices as well as which age-appropriate games, sites and apps the kids can access. Limiting smartphone usage at specific times – such as meals – allows families to maintain a healthy digital lifestyle so they can spend time together without interruption.

How do you come together a family for meal time, or have your family power down to stay connected?

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