Fit & Fabulous: Dropping the Pounds

It’s been two weeks since a specific update on my journey to getting back on track when it comes to my health & fitness. Two weeks ago I shared with you what I had been doing as far as working out & that I had headed back to weight watchers, with 18 lbs to go to get back to lifetime after baby number five. Since then I’ve been to weight watcher twice… my first weigh in I lost 3.8 lbs, which made me SO happy!! The following week I was down 1.2 lbs, which I wanted to be more, BUT I know that kind of loss is my practical and better for my health overall. I did well tracking those two weeks, just making sure I DID IT and feel motivated to continue to keep dropping the pounds to reach my overall goal.

As far as fitness goes – it continues to be a struggle to really get anything in, but I’m trying hard. We’ve had sick kids again, which for this stay at home mom, makes everything a challenge to get done & makes me want to eat, which does not help when your goal is dropping the pounds.

Workouts since last time I blogged about my fitness journey:

January 12: Ran a 12 minute mile on the treadmill + a quick 10 minute bike ride.

January 13: Upper Body Chris Freytag DVD workout. These are about 25 minutes and she’s always been my go-to for a DVD workout. Circuits are some of my favorites.

January 14: 3 Mile Outdoor run and my first one since I had the baby. It was amazing!!!!!!!! It was slow and around 12 minute miles, but it felt great. I just have to remember, I won’t be right back where I used to be, so taking it easy and building up is smart and healthy.

January 16: Total Body Workout from various things I found on Pinterest.

January 18th: 2 Mile Walk with Leslie Sansone. This is another DVD I own. She uses the resistance band for her walks and other strength training techniques. These walks are good for me when the baby needs to be in the carrier. She naps + I get added weight for a 30 minute walk/workout.

January 19: 20 minute HIIT elliptical workout. OMGee, my husband found this and it’s intense.

January 21: 3 mile outdoor run. This one was tough for me, it was extremely muddy but it felt good to get out there again.

January 23: 3 mile walk with Leslie Sansone. I had baby in carrier again an used weights for this advanced walk. 45 minutes.

January 24: Was on the bike for an intense speed workout + small butt and arm workouts. The glute workout killed me and my butt hurt for two days.

I know this is a little late, but hoping to get back on track I will share the rest of the week in my next post.

We tried a new recipe this week, getting our family to live a more healthy life when it comes to eating. It also falls within low points for weight watchers and will help me at dropping the pounds.

Fish Taco’s: I seasoned Swai Fish with this seasoning from Pinterest: Baked in the oven and shredded. We then put them in tortilla shells with lettuce/cabbage, pineapple & a chiptole ranch. It was a huge hit for the family & something the kids have never tried and I’ve never made at home before.


You can also check out LAST WEEKS post on how to create a home gym, even if you have minimal space & on a small budget. Until next week, I hope this post motivates you even in the slightest bit. I’d love to hear what’s motivating you & how you’re doing this year to staying fit and active while I continue to work at dropping the pounds. Thank you for reading!

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