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I’ve been asked a lot over the last month or so what I eat during the week, especially since I’m on Weight Watchers. I’ve lost about 18 lbs since I started back in January after baby number five. A lot of ups and downs because frankly, I like to eat and fall and have to pick myself up again, but I have about 4 more pounds to go and a lot of toning. I want to say also, before I put out a weeks worth of what I ate – I’m not a nutrition expert and I enjoy having sweets + drinks, so this is just me being raw and real about what I eat.

I’ve written about Weight Watchers (10 reasons I love it) in the past, the program has changed since I wrote those blog posts, but not a lot. They are always perfecting their system and right now with smart points ( you are allotted so many points per week + extra points for the week – I try not to use any extras and stick to my daily points ((I can chat more about points if you’re interested)) it seems that you can have more protein and there’s very little room for sweets. For Weight Watchers to really work you MUST track your food, which is much more easy now that they have the app, right on your phone and easy to use.

Lets start on Tuesday because that’s my weigh in day: What I eat during the week….

Tuesday: Breakfast: Coffee (10 oz) + Sugar free creamer (2 TBS) Banana  Lunch: Grilled Chicken Breast Stripes (1.5 cups), lettuce, cucumber, carrots, onions, green pepper and Italian style fat free dressing (1 TBS) Veggie straws Snack: Plum Dinner: Cheese Tortillini (1 serving), Italian Bread, Pasta Sauce, Fresh Pineapple. Snack: 1 TBS Peanut Butter + Banana.

Wednesday: Breakfast: Coffee + Cream with Banana (this is my go-to in the morning.) Lunch: Oyster Crackers (I’m a cracker freak), Pineapple, Honey dew, Lettuce Salad with Italian Dressing, Onions, Chicken Strips. Snack: GoldFish crackers. Dinner: Omelet with 1 baked potato, eggs, cheddar cheese, ketchup, hot sauce, green peppers, mushrooms, onions. Then a piece of Treatzza Pizza (a very small piece because it was a sweet and you can’t have much.)

Thursday: Breakfast: Coffee + Creamer & a Banana with 1 TSP of Peanut Butter. Lunch: Cooked Green Beans + 2 slices of bacon crumbled in them with 1/2 TBS sugar. Snack: Sip of my kids Frappe + Apple. Dinner: Taco Salad (my family had tacos, but I don’t care for the shells) so I had a lettuce, hot sauce, higher point french dressing, taco meat, and cheese. Then a grapefruit shandy drink later that night.

Friday (I knew I was going out so I tried to eat light for the day): Breakfast: Banana + Bite of jelly donut. Lunch: Lettuce + Sugar Free Skinny Girl Fat Free Dressing. Snack: Light String Cheese + Banana. Dinner: 2 pieces of spaghetti pizza + a small slice of cake & grapefruit shandy when I got home. I did good until dinner. It was a special occasion. I really should have only had one piece of pizza & not both the beer + cake.

Weekends are always super hard for me because I’m off routine and we are usually on the run.

Saturday: Breakfast: I had a banana and string cheese before I left to run then came home and had a Coffee + 1 TBS Creamer. Lunch: Arthurs Potato which is a big baked potato, with condensed cheddar cheese + Cheddar cheese with mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli and onions on top. Snack: Apple + Oyster Crackers. Dinner: Strawberry Margarita which I didn’t know had A LOT of points until after I drank it, but I did make a smart decision of having a Thai Salad with chicken which was amazing. I did have a few of my kids fries and my stomach hurt so bad later that night from the fries (I really have stayed away from those since getting back on track.)

Sunday: Breakfast Coffee + Creamer and blueberries with literally a pinch of sugar because they were so sour. Lunch: Avocado Egg Salad on Lettuce leaves + veggie straws. Snack: string Cheese. Dinner: Oriental Stir Fry (birds eye made at home) with steak strips and a 1/2 cup of white rice. I did have a grapefruit shandy at the end of the night and a small mini snickers.

Monday: Coffee + Creamer (same as above), Banana. Lunch: Lettuce + Chicken Breast Stripes with fresh pineapple mixed in. I also added 1 oz of cheddar cheese to my salad. Italian Dressing (see above), Reduced fat wheat thins (these are not that great and I could only have a few for many points). Snack: Goldfish (eek, these are my weakness). Dinner: Spaghetti, Italian Bread, asparagus, butter, pasta sauce, olive oil because i cooked the asparagus in it.

Tuesday: Weight Watchers Chocolate Smoothie (only half the packet) loaded with no sugar added frozen fruit. I make this in my Ninja and it’s so yummy. Lunch: Broccoli cooked with Cheddar Cheese sprinkled on top. Watermelon and Penguin Crackers. Snack: Watermelon. Dinner: Baked potato with light sour cream + pork Chop and of course more watermelon because I LOVE watermelon.

Sometimes I don’t track fruit & veggies because you can consume as much as you want and they’re 0 points (except a few veggies like corn which do have a point value ) so a lot of time I snack on baby carrots + fruit if I’m being good! Note too, I drink water 98% of the time ( I make sure I get at least 64 oz a day )  – on occasion I’ll have an iced tea with lemon thrown in the mix, but that’s usually when it’s a bit warmer. If you’re interested in point value for a weeks worth of what i eat while on weight watchers, let me know and I’m happy to share.

*Just as a disclaimer.. I’ve had to modify how many points I get since I’m exclusively breastfeeding. I’m not going into all of that right now, but basically with how many points they were giving me I couldn’t lose weight. I have a great milk supply and haven’t had any problem keeping it with exercise + dieting. If I’m hungry (legit hungry) I eat, I just make it healthy choices.

This is mostly accurate for when I’m tracking. If I have a bite (every bite) I count as one point because snacking unless tracking is a no-no. I’ve really learned that water + lots of fruits & Veggies help keep my gut healthy. Obviously I need protein to keep me going, but I don’t need three cups of tortellini (seriously I could easily put that away) and two big slices of french break with cheese on top. Slowing down while eating. I like the points because I want to be able to eat a lot (that’s where fruits & veggies come in) and I like to be able to save some points to have a beer with my husband and a sweet treat on occasion (though I want to have a sweet treat like three times a day!)

Thanks for reading!

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