Fit & Fabulous: Weight Watchers… I’m back!

I made it back to Weight Watchers… it was nice to see old faces and be welcomed back with open arms.  I’m excited to be back on track with something that keeps me accountable for my eating habits and the new app seems to be more user friendly, as in it has scanned everything perfectly and was already in the system. We will see if that continues! So, as I’ve mentioned last week in my first back to it Fit & Fabulous for 2017, I was lifetime before I had to quit with being pregnant, so I have 3 months to lose 18 lbs to be back to my goal weight & keep my lifetime status.  I’m always motivated when it comes to having to pay money unnecessarily so, I think that alone will help me stay focused. Let the fat melting begin.

I did pretty good with working out this week considering we were sick & my lungs were full of junk. I’ll be sharing our new workout area soon… but this week I was able to get in some low impact, short workouts. It still continues to be a struggle with the little lady so I do what I can, and I’m going to be proud of those accomplishments.  ( I will be posting Wednesday – Wednesday (I hope) after today!)

Jan 1. 20 Minute Power Walk on the Treadmill.

Jan 2. 20 min HIT elliptical workout.

Jan 3. 20 Minutes Bike Workout.

Jan 4/5. Too many sick people, including myself.

Jan. 6. 25 minute Fitness Bender Kickboxing video.

Jan 7. Run + Row 40 minute workout (my husband was home and was able to help with babe.)

Jan 8. No workout.

Jan 9. 15 min power on bike & arm workout.

Jan 10. No workout.

Jan 11. 20 minute row workout + Arm workout + weight hula hoop.

I have to mention a new athleisure top I received compliments of Milk & Baby! It’s been great for workout + play afterwards. It’s moisture wicking, breathable and the side zip slits make it easy for me to stop and nurse little lady quickly. It’s been really nice for this cold blooded girl, but I really can’t wait to wear it until this spring. I hit the bike path regularly, when it’s still cool & with a new little one she’s going to need to eat either before we head out or immediately following.

This will be ideal for those easy feeds, while still being comfortable for running. I’m wearing a size large here and could easily size down if I wanted it more fitted.  Milk & Baby also has many other athleisure type of clothing. I LOVE comfy tops and two that are great for relaxing, working out  & nursing in, the BUN Cozy Nursing Hoodie & and Nursing top SOPHIE!  I wear them both like once a week.. so comfy & nursing friendly!!

As for food, I just started back on my weight watchers points Wednesday, but if you’re looking for something delicious that you can make ahead and grab easily, might I suggest this delicious chicken salad? To make it low calorie I make it into a lettuce wrap and use light mayo with less nuts. It’s SO YUMMY!!!

These posts aren’t going to be terribly long, just what’s happening in my week as far as fitness.  Excited for tracking my food with weight watchers, and working out with cute apparel & getting that burn to start melting that baby fat away.

I hope you’re having a great week & if you have any fitness resolutions for 2017 you’re kicking butt. 🙂


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