Going for the Gold – Products for the Olympian in You #BabbleBoxxGold

I’m getting a bit giddy knowing that the opening day of the 2016 Olympics in Rio is just two days away! I’ve been counting down the days for the Olympics and won’t miss a day while they’re on.

The athletes truly amaze and inspire me in so many ways – their born natural talent, the dedication, the strength and determination and I love the coming together for competition. With the Olympics in sight, how about all of the athletes “goal” of Going for the Gold? With that being said, recently I received a complimentary BabbleBoxx full of products for the Olympian in all of us & I’m thrilled to be sharing it with you! BabbleBoxxEach of these products that were in the Babbleboxx is designed to ignite the inner athlete in all of us – encouraging us all to focus on taking care of our mind, body and spirit. Self care is SO important and these products help achieve just that. Lets take a look and you can explore more through the links provided for individual purchase.

  • Vitamin Shoppe for the true athlete. The box contained products for sports nutrition and free of any banned substances and contain no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. A vitamin box to help keep you accountable each week for the varying vitamins or pills you may need to take.
  • An Energizing Training Formula  & Natural Whey Protein Packets : “These products are there to help you gain strength, recover fast and replenish nutrients with the help of True Athlete ZMA with Theanine. It’s a unique supplement formulated not only to help you build muscle strength, but also to help fight the effects of exercise-induced stress, and to promote rest and recovery.”
  • Vitamin Shaker to help easily put those shakes together.
  • 2XU Performance Compression Gear. I cannot even wait to get these performance tights on as soon as baby arrives and I’m back to my dedicated workouts. I love the X in red, white and blue. This company has key partnerships with World Champions across the globe in numerous sports… so if the champion athletes are wearing it, it’s just perfect for us. If you want to shop take 20% off purchase with code 2XU20.

Babble Boxx Just Water

The JUST Water 16.9 ounce bottle really struck me as pretty darn awesome. It’s 100% spring water in a paper- based package. The company advocates for drinking tap water, but when choosing bottled water, JUST water is better than plastic.  I loved this idea for runners when you don’t have hydration packs but keep water in different locations for long runs. Check them out, pretty neat!  This bottle is only .99 cents!

Babble Boxx Baby G Watch

Looking for a neat watch, check out this Baby-G Tri-Color Watch which is all about the red, white and blue Olympic glory. It’s a casino’s female timepiece brand and was crated as a counter part to it’s big brother G-Shock. This goes together with function and fashion and is shock and water resistant, featuring daily alarms and even stopwatch functions. You can find other Baby-G products on fashion and pop culture names like Ke$sha and Rebecca Minkoff.

Babble Boxx Skin

Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin, because we ALL want gorgeous skin. I truly believe it takes us going through trial and error to actually find what will work for OUR skin and sometimes that means actually changing after years or just months of using something that works.  This is a packet that includes everything you need. Filled with natural, enriching ingredients it’s easy to use for your beauty and pampering needs.

Which is these products inspires you to Go for the Gold?

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