Hillshire Farm Naturals lunchmeat – A Sandwich Made My Way #HillshireNaturals

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I’m typically a big salad kind of girl when it comes to my lunch food anymore and I’ve cut out break considerably from my diet, but when a girl wants a great sandwich, whether it’s for lunch or for dinner – I won’t be modest, I can whip up a mean sandwhich that leaves my taste buds wanting more. If you want to try what I’m loving when it comes to a delicious sandwich, here’s a simple sandwich that can be made relatively easy.

Hilshiret Naturals

First I chose Hillshire Farms Naturals lunchmeat, that can be found at Walmart, or other grocery stores. I chose the honey ham because my husband and kids love ham, but the turkey looks great too. The naturals lunchmeat is 97% fat free, is minimally processed, has no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and no nitrates or nitrites added… oh and it tastes great. I’m not one to just typically eat deli meat alone, but I found myself eating slice by slice. Hilshire111Are you HUNGRY? Because this is my triple decker sandwich! How do I make it…

  • Three Pieces of Rye Bread Toasted
  • Avocado blended with a 1/4 onion & 1/2 tomato – use this like a mayo and make sure you’re generous!
  • Four strips of bacon (two on the bottom and two on the top)
  • Lettuce for your liking.
  • Naturals Deli meat to your liking.. I added two pieces for the bottom and two for the top.

 What do you think of the Hillshire Farms Naturals Lunchmeat? Will you give it a try? How about my Triple Decker… Would you eat it?

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