Hockey Themed Cupcakes #Recipe

This past Thursday was our last day of spring hockey practice, I wanted to do something a little special for the kids since my husband is the coach. These cute hockey themed cupcakes are what I made. Easy-enough to make and great for any themed hockey event.


What you need:

Cake mix, cupcake wrappers, pretzels sticks, chocolate chips & frosting.

How to Make Hockey Themed Cupcakes:

First bake your cupcakes. I used a box mix.. which is incredibly easy. Bake cakes and let cool completely.


Once your cupcakes have cooled, frost with desired frosting. I usually make my own, but was short on time so I just used regular sugar frosting from a can. You can pipe it on easily by using a baggy with the end cut off, or spread it with a spoon. The frosting doesn’t need to be real tall, so I would recommend just spreading on a layer to cover the top of the cupcake. Once you have the cupcakes done, the real fun part happens.

Hockey Sticks:Ā  I experimented a few ways to make the sticks.


– One way is to take a pretzel stick, break off a small amount which will be the blade and ice together both ends with your frosting. I used a can of black frosting. This worked well if you have a small blade and a lot of time. If you aren’t going to place the stick upright into the cupcake, this would an ideal way to go.
– Second way is to place one end of the pretzel stick into the cupcake, then a small part of the stick next to it (to look like a hockey stick) and then ice in between. This worked, especially if you are in a hurry, but didn’t looks quite so crisp.
– Third, and the preferred method I think. Take your pretzel stick and break off the end, which will be the blade. Just eyeball it to get the size you want. Just a few cm above from the bottom of the broken end of the stick, put the black frosting, stick into the cupcake up to the frosting. Then take the small part (the blade) and stick next to it. Looks great, easy to do and saves a lot of time. This is how the majority were done and I think they turned out great.

Once you decide on the way you are going to make the blades, you can place them on the cupcake however you like. I criss-crossed the sticks and then take a chocolate chip and place in between, kind of sticking the top down into the cake so it looks like a puck. Eat and Enjoy!


*I recommend eating these fairly soon after you make because the pretzel sticks get stale quickly.*

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