Holiday Gifting: Last Minute Sports & S.T.E.M. Gift

I hope you have your holiday shopping done, but I’m sure many of you do not if you’re checking out last minute holiday gift ideas. No shame my friends, the season is busy and I just finished myself.  I have two fun.. one is a great for football lovers & the other is for those looking for S.T.E.M. gift ideas or just a great game! Lucky you, you can order on Amazon and still have it on time! Thank goodness for quick shipping.

First is the the True  Balance Toy, the unpredictable coordination game. Great for the entire family & will help improve focus and fine motor skills. This is also good to help with children that have attention deficit disorders. A fun stress reliever for children 8 and up, but also the True Balance mini that’s geared for children 4 and up.

We have the True Balance for 8 and up, yet the entire family has been enjoying it. The True Balance is eight discs on a handle. You move your wrist to try to align the discs, once you align them all you won. If you’re a master, turn it upside down and try it that way. Needless to say, no one in my family has mastered it yet, yet it continues to be fun and provide entertainment. It’s actually quite challenging.

Check out the above video to see the True Balance in action!

The next is the Passback football, available in three sizes and the perfect gift for any football lover out there. What makes the Passback unique is that it’s designed so finally, you can throw the ball around and don’t need a friend to do it with. The Passback Football is engineered to bounce off a wall/surface and come spiraling back. I wasn’t sure how it would really work to be honest, but my boys took it to test immediately & it works exactly as they say, and all three (12,8 & 5) have really enjoyed it. They use it alone and even play with it like a normal football together.

Passback Football is a great go-to! I promise you won’t be disappointed in this and your kids will love it too!

Happy last minute gifting my friends. Samples provided & affiliate links used, all opinions are my own.

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