Holiday Gifts for your Toddler from One Step Ahead #Giveaway

OSA_WhitedisclosureStumped on what to get your one year old this Christmas season? Being on our fourth child it seems like we have most everything and this little guy wants what the older ones have, but needs those same products made for his age. One Step Ahead has a variety of products perfect for holiday shopping and two that are being enjoyed here, that I’m sure your kiddo’s would love happen to be the Xylophone Hammer Toy & Toy Tablet.onestepexonestepxly1The Xylophone Hammer Toy is perfect for making music, pounding and playing with a favorite of my boys.. balls.  Perfect for learning to put the balls through the holes and pounding on them with the mallet, and flipping it over to make music. Made of wood construction, the sound is better than your typical loud obnoxious xylophone and if you have a boy.. a hammer toy is about as good as it gets. tablet2

You have one, why not give a toy one to your child.. hey that’s what my kids are always grabbing for… the iLOL Toy Tablet. This has been the hit of the house since we got it… just like our tablet.. your toddler has buttons, sounds and images that show on the mirrored screen.  They will learn songs, numbers, colors and musical instruments and each button triggers something different. Choose from English/Spanish and even different modes for all the neat things.. quiz mode, numbers & song with an easy to grip soft bumper that can be machine washed. My favorite is that it’s not hard because of the bumper, and that batteries are included. tablet

Grab these in time for your holiday giving from One Step Ahead!

Giveaway! One Momma in Flip Flops reader will will the Xylophone Hammer Toy & iLOL Toy Tablet from One Step Ahead. Enter through the form below.

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