Holiday Hacks for Everyone

US Cellular DisclosureThe holidays are upon us – I mean really, Thanksgiving is in four days. I always love the holidays, Christmas particularly – being with family, celebrating Christ the King, but as usual I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all I need to do and get done. It’s never ending and with adding a new little one to our family mix within the last few months, it’s leaving me stretched even thinner then in the past. If you’re feeling similar here’s some holiday hacks for everyone that US Cellular and myself have put together. They can help keep you organized and on top of things by using your mobile device (because, you know you never put it down) like the iPhone 6 plus.

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How you can utilize your phone’s camera to alleviate holiday stress:

  • Take a screenshot of directions. This is a useful tip anytime you travel. Also, once you have saved the directions, you can turn off your phone’s navigation and location services while traveling through populated areas in order to conserve the battery.
  • Capture a photo of where the car is parked. With crowded parking lots at airports and shopping destinations, it can be easy to forget where you parked. Snap a photo of your vehicle and nearby landmarks to serve as a handy reminder.
  • Scan or photograph passport, identification and itinerary. Save these images for offline access and email them to your personal account. It is always important to have an extra copy of travel documents.
  • Take pictures of the refrigerator and pantry before heading to the grocery store. Making a list is always helpful, but using technology to see what ingredients you already have on hand will take guesswork out of your shopping trip.

Other features on your smartphone that can help simplify the holiday season:


  • Charge your phone on airplane mode. As our schedules become busier, we tend to go longer between charges. Using airplane mode helps devices regain battery strength by eliminating apps or services running in the background.
  • Track the master to-do list in the note feature of your phone. Keeping up with a handwritten to-do list or a bunch of sticky notes is a challenge. If your list starts in your device, it stays with you. For Apple users, the reminder feature allows you to display both completed and outstanding tasks.
  • Put your phone in a cup to amplify music at a holiday gathering. The cup increases the volume from the phone’s speaker to help set the mood of any party. Cups with harder surfaces, like glass or porcelain, work best.
  • Use location-based reminders. It’s easy to forget a stop when juggling multiple errands. To make party planning more efficient, set location-based reminders either through the Reminders feature on iOS or Google Keep on Android. Set a notification to sound when you’re near a specific destination. That way you won’t forget to swing by the dry cleaner when at the nearby florist or stop at the party supply store when you’re down the street at the supermarket.

Just a few ways to use your mobile device to help alleviate stress this holiday season. Which of these holiday hacks for everyone would be the most useful for you and your family? Do you have any to share?

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