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New year, new you! Do you have your fitness goals in check & ready to kick butt this year? My plan was to hit it hard in the new year, my body has had enough rest after baby & I’m excited to start sharing my fitness journey once again, this time as a 4 month postpartum mom of five. I have many goals I want to meet in 2017 when it comes to my fitness journey, but my top two would be.. get back to pre-pregnancy weight & being able to run 10+ miles a week with no problems. This year I’ve made some modifications to my home to make it easier for me to accomplish my workout goals (nutrition goals to come in later post.) Let me share with you how I plan to achieve those goals with some Home Gym Equipment Ideas that are affordable, easy to use & don’t take up a ton of space. 

Whether you have an entire room to dedicate to your workout space, minimal space for a couple of pieces of equipment, or a little bit of space that you need to be able to move equipment in and out of, I’m here to share with you some home gym equipment ideas that might work just perfectly for you. My husband got a section of our basement set up for our fitness area and I was very happy with how nicely some new equipment fit, taking up minimal space & are light enough weight to be moved around wherever I needed them.

The ProFrom Desk X-Bike Exercise Bike is nice for beginners who need something that takes up minimal space, gives you a good workout & allows for you to add & remove a tray that you can set your tablet/lap top, book or other equipment on  so you can multi-task and get a workout in daily. I like the over-sized cushioned seat, Inertia Enhanced Flywheel, Vertical Seat Adjustment, SMR Magnetic Resistance going up to 8 & Portability Wheels allowing you to hide it away and pull it out with ease on a regular basis.

A rowing machine has been on my want list for as long as I can remember, here you’re looking at the Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine which can be lifted up easily, taking up hardly any room at all. It’s easy to use, glides well and gives you a great workout. If you ask most people, they want to add an elliptical to their home gym equipment and the ProForm Easy Strider Elliptical is perfect. They’ve worked hard to make this an easy elliptical to set up in your home and only took my husband about 30 minutes. It features the front mech which takes up less space then rear mech elliptical and both my husband and I have been happy with the smoothness making it aesthetically pleasing. I also like the upper body grips, transport wheels which allow you to easily move it as needed, a small workout fan, and even an On-board 8 week weight loss programming to help you get those workouts in you really need. The resistance to the ProFrom Easy Strider Elliptical goes up to a 18 & 18 preset workouts built in.
Just a few home gym equipment ideas to get you started, and all of these products are affordable and take up minimal space, no matter what your space may be.  Other ideas to add to your home gym, to help you get the best workout possible & help you stop the excuses in 2017.

  • Treadmill that can moved and lifted up, giving you more space in your home.
  • Gaim Foam Roller, I couldn’t live without my roller and use it on a daily basis. One of the best products I’ve ever bought.
  • My husband set up a TV for me on a wall mount, so I could watch whatever I needed and I was even able to add music to it from my phone, which helps time go by fast! Music and television programs help time fly while working out.

  • Fitness apparel that makes you feel good about yourself – like Nike Athletic Tights, Tank Tops & Sneakers.
  • Fitbit to keep you accountable and challenging your friends to keep going.
  • I love my weighted hoola hoop, which will always be part of my gym.
  • Yoga mat is essential to my home gym equipment ideas, for stretching or any home dvd workouts you might be doing.

  • When you’ve completed your workout and need something else to help with those sore muscles. The BackTrac Back Massager. Move the little balls to where it’s most comfortable for you.
  • Water bottle – I love my straw Contigo water bottle for everyday.
  • A balance ball for workouts or even sitting on while working or watching tv.
  • Space saving weights, so you can add and take away pounds as needed, yet they stay compact and you don’t have several laying around.

You can view more of my top running and fitness products to add to your home gym equipment ideas for yourself or a friend.

What goals do you have for the new year? What items would you add to your home gym equipment to help you get the best workout in on a daily basis? You can find more great fitness products from the Kohl’s Fitness Page & lots of fitness equipment to complete your home gym.

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