How to Stay Healthy and Fit During Pregnancy

disclosureDon’t we all wonder? How to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy? I know, I do!

Pregnancy can really play a toll on a women’s body and every women is different when it comes to the way she carries baby, her weight gain, energy level, what level of fitness she can preform & the list goes on and on. This pregnancy I was determined to continue running and really stay fit – it’s been one battle after the next with my energy level, overcoming morning sickness and a pregnancy that’s been totally different compared to the other four. Needless to say I became close to sedentary the first five months, until recently when I was introduced to the new Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms™ App. This app has helped me achieve goals depending on my energy and fitness level (depending on the day) & focus on mind & body, it’s something that keeps me accountable and is incredibly easy to use! Lets dive in on how to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy & after with this new app that I confidently give two big thumbs up. Johnson & Johnson App

The new Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms™ App gives us the tools & shows us how to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy and after.

First, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play for free, so no excuses!

“The app delivers personalized Mind and Body and 7 Minute Workout sessions created by Johnson & Johnson behavioral, exercise and medical experts to help you achieve and maintain fitness and balance in body and mind.

Lets get started.. first you will enter into the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms™ App for the first time – you will be asked to either add your baby due day or your babies birthday, which will help them customize it just for you. You will also go through safety and about talking to your Doctor. Once you’re all set up you’ll be able to choose “how you want to energize for the day” Mind & Body to relax and care for your body & Energize to get your heart pumping with the Workout. You can choose  both if you’d like.

A quick look at the Energize Workout which I tend to gravitate towards more often, however they only allow five workouts a week.  I loved this, easy to follow and really has helped with my psyche of getting in a workout, which was a huge part of my life before becoming pregnant. Johnson & Johnson Workout

  • Choose Beginner | Intermediate | Advance (I went with Intermediate for what I’m showing you today)
  • They will ask your energy level before starting.
  • You will rotate through five different moves starting with a warm up and ending with a cool down (cool down optional)
  • You are able to pause at any time an they explain where to feel the stretches what to avoid and how to perform correctly.
  • Intermediate: Doing each for one minute & rotating through them several times: Bird Dog, Chair Assist Squat, March in Place, Arm Dip. They get your heart pumping but aren’t too much for you or baby.
  • After your workout they will show your workout complete and ask how you felt after completion.Johnson Post Workout

Lets take a look at the Mind & Body session.  My first session was for 24 weeks pregnant. . . Johonson Mind & Body

  • First asking me what my energy level was for the day – I chose “tired”
  • They then went into talking about changes, about taking photo’s of your growing body, physical, mind, emotional & spiritual come together as one.
  • Sharing with you meditation exercises for relaxation.
  • Then they add in some movement, easy moves like ankle flexing, reaching, rotations, triceps, ankle extension and walking in place Not over doing it but letting you get in some movement for the day.
  • They ask you post session your energy level.

The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms™ App is showing me how to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy and then will help me after as well! I LOVE that each session is customized to ME and guided by performance coach Jenn Lea. Johnson Mind & Body Health planI can’t recommend the app enough.. it’s made for each unique women & even keeps track of my weeks & is ready and waiting everyday. The tone of the app is soft and so easy to follow and really is for everyone.

How do you stay healthy & fit during and after pregnancy?

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