Keep your Smartphone Germ Free this Flu Season

You guys, the flu has got me in a mild panic over here. The graphs, information & hype has got me in over-drive with encouraging my kids to wash their hands constantly, leave their mittens on, use the hand sanitizers & avoid any all all unnecessary social interaction. Hah! With all that said… did you know…

The average smartphone has 10 times more bacteria on it than most toilet seats according to University of Arizona microbiologist, Charles Gerba. Bacteria can linger on a device and has the potential to make users ill, especially when sharing with someone else that has recently been sick.

Talk about EW and who doesn’t have their mobile device, like the iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and the Samsung Galaxy Note8 with them all the time. It’s my quick “go-to” to keep my little’s happy. Ugh, it makes me quite grossed out! So, during this peak cold and flu season, it’s especially important to keep those cellphones clean! Just by keeping your device clean, it can help in a big way to prevent unpleasant and even dangerous symptoms.

Need to know some of the best ways to keep that mobile device germ free this flu season? . . .

  • Wash your hands! Studies show that germs travel easily from hands to devices.
    Clean hands transmit fewer germs onto smartphones and other surfaces, so wash
    hands regularly and thoroughly.
  • Disinfect devices and cases regularly. Routinely use a disinfectant wipe that does
    not contain bleach and wring the wipe out several times before use to minimize
    moisture on and near the device. After using the disinfectant wipe, wipe the device or
    case again with a microfiber cloth. Or you can use specialized cleaners made for
    electronics, such as Gadget Guard Greener Cleaner, available at U.S. Cellular stores.
  • Try antibiotic putty. The most stubborn areas to clean are the device’s headphone
    jack, charging port, speaker and microphone openings. Don’t use a toothpick or Q-tip
    to clean these small spaces, since they can damage circuitry and/or leave behind
    cotton fibers. Instead, use antibiotic putty designed specifically for electronics, such
    as Cyber Clean, available at
  • Don’t use devices in the bathroom. In an survey, 61 percent of people
    admitted to using their phone while in the restroom. The habit of “toilet texting” can
    cause users to become ill, as germs from the bathroom can wind up on the phone.

Lets stay healthy this season, by doing all we can to stop the spread of germs!

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