Lee’s X-Treme Comfort & Design Khaki Pant for Men #MoveYourLee

Is your man in need of a new pair of khaki pant? My husband works in an office all day and the dress code is dressy casual, so day in and day out he’s wearing his favorite khaki pants to the office. Recently we were sent a pair of Lee’s X-Treme Comfort khaki pant for him to try out & he’s been won over – these are by far is most favorite pair of pants when it comes to comfort and design.

As I mentioned, my husband works in an office & depending on what he has going on will be the deciding factor on how he dresses. Here he’s taking Lee’s X-Treme Comfort khaki pant to a bit more dressy look, also great for weddings, funerals and church if you’re looking for a comfort khaki pant for those type of occasions.

The Lee X-Treme Comfort khaki pant come in several different colors and size choices. Complete your mans wardrobe with one of each color, or grab his favorite color and stock up because with the stretch and comfort he’ll want to live in these. That was the first thing my husband commented on was – “wow, these stretch and feel great” and I’ve actually heard that phrase more than a time or two.

The X-Treme Comfort Khaki offers work-to-play versatility. Athletic details like mesh pockets, a flex waistband and our Active Comfort Fabric are combined with a classic khaki look for maximum comfort and style.

If your man just likes a comfortable pair of khaki pant for everyday, then the X-Treme Comfort are great for that as well. They style easily for dress or play & with the made just for men design, you can’t go wrong. You can snag these from the Lee website and currently on sale for $36.00.

Product sample provided, all opinions are my own.

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