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Have you recently moved, decorating a room, purchasing new furniture, or just in the market for a new bed? You must check out LightHeaded Beds, and their complete selection of beds. We were recently gifted the twin sized LightHeaded Beds, and I’m excited to share with you, in some detail on the product.

The LightHeaded Beds come in twin & full sizes, with trundle options and varying colors & styles to choose from. You can choose to use a boxspring or not, depending on your preference, you just adjust when putting together. More options  really won me over. My husband and son put together our LightHeaded Bed and it was a no-brainer. Easy to use instructions, and it went together quite easily.

If you haven’t guessed yet, from the name LightHeaded Beds, the headboards of these beds actually plug into the wall and have a lighted display – creating a soft glow from a backlit headboard. Creating a soothing atmosphere for children & adults of all ages. In each of the headboards, you can insert one of many HeadLightz graphics, that are easily interchanged, as you change styles. As seen above, the dolphin graphic comes with the purchase of your LightHeaded Bed.

My son being the big sports fan he is, currently enjoys the baseball themed graphic. To insert the graphic, just lift the top of the headboard and place down in. Here you can see, this is without using the light. You even have the option of personalizing your own images with your own personal photos, or images from the internet, so the options are endless.

Turn the headboard light on and you have a soft glow, perfect for reading before bed, or just getting your child settled before complete lights out. Several settings are available, by using remote control.. Fade to off, set for however long you’d like it to stay on, and even the option of what brightness you want. I was really surprised at how bright it could get & how amazing the graphic looked when lit up. No need to worry about the headboard and safety either, it’s made of a clear acrylic cover. They were really thinking too when they designed the storage pocket in the footboard of the LightHeaded Beds. It can store up to 25 of your unique images, so you can change them out frequently & enjoys lots of neat graphics.

Check out their full line of beds & graphics, and grab your favorite today. They are offering a special discount of 20% off this month just for my readers! Just use coupon code: “flipflops” at checkout, expires the end of August, 2017.

WIN! One very lucky Momma in Flip Flops reader will win a Canterbury Twin Bed, (finish of your choosing). The bed comes with a Dolphin Starter Image & coupon for $20 off any image. You also will win an additional FREE Image of your choice from LightHeaded Beds by Lifetime. Enter through the form below.

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