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Log onto TODAY to sell the monogrammed and personalized items your children have outgrown!  Read more on how to win a $250 American Express Gift Card!
Kids grow out of clothing and become “too old” for all the things we buy to decorate their rooms so fast!  Offering hand-me-downs to friends and family and donating to charities helps us part with some of these items… but what about their monogrammed apparel?   And all those other adorable items we have invested in that are personalized with their name and initials?  These things are too precious to sit in the back of a drawer or basement collecting dust.  The problem is that it’s been difficult…if not impossible…to find other kids with the same name and initials.  That is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of…an online shopping destination where you can buy and sell new and gently used monogrammed clothing and other items personalized with your child’s name and initials!   Anything from apparel, step stools, hanging wall letters, furniture, backpacks, blankets and much more can be bought or sold on our site….as long as it’s personalized!  Buyers can easily search by name or initials to find a match!  Retailers with overstocks and floor samples may also sell their merchandise on at a discount.  Custom made-to-order products can be sold here as well!LollyDaisy-bryce finally offers a way for parents to get a return on their investment, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that these precious items will be loved by another child once again!  Sellers may begin uploading items NOW in preparation for our October launch!   And don’t forget to log onto Facebook to enter your adorable youngster into our “Cute Kid Contest” for a chance to win a $250 American Express gift card!
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