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Have you tried Lularoe yet? Still debating and wondering what all the hype is about? I’ve been sharing my thoughts about Lularoe over the last year & after my most recent opportunity to share a Lularoe review, I continue to be a fan. I’ve tried all of their pieces so far & honestly, I know why they’re such a hit with moms everywhere. The material is soft and figure flattering, while they continue to bring a variety of prints to appeal to women of all ages and sizes.

This month I’ve been working with Courtney on my Lularoe review and following her Facebook page as well as her Instagram account to share with you what she offers. You’ll find live videos, regular updates on when new products are available, outfits to purchase, she’s sharing how pieces look on & I really like that her page supports other women, as well as sharing funny memes, articles, etc. Visit her page to meet Courtney & start purchasing today.

For this Lularoe review I really want to touch on Lularoe for moms & why I think the brand is so appealing to mother’s. First off the sizing is easy.. if you’re in-between sizes you can wear both a large & a medium, it just has a different fit, but for the most part it really is flattering. The material is so comfy – I can honestly say when I’m just having one of those “nothing fits or looks how I want it too” I’ve been reaching for Lularoe & especially my randy tops. Lularoe is comfortable, the way the pieces are designed fit nicely don’t pinch or make you feel like you constantly have to tug at them. The look: they have so many prints that you can find something you like no matter what. I’m not a huge pattern person, but they have a mix of colors & prints for all women. My favorite is that I have the easiest time mixing Lularoe pieces into my current wardrobe. I can easily mix and match them together, which I’ve done in the past, but I can take anything Lularoe I own and mix it with what I currently have. Win, win!

Currently I’ve really been obsessed with the Lularoe Randy… it’s like a baseball tee that looks cute with so many things, & feels good while being worn. I’m wearing a size medium in the green & a size small in the blackish/purple. Both fit nicely & work depending on the kind of look I’m going for. I also know that even as I continue to change sizes, I’ll be able to wear both and they’ll still be cute just fit in a different way. Most shirts won’t do that.

The Julia I’m completely new to & it’s so, so cute. This is a size medium, but the first dress I’ve been able to feel comfortable in that doesn’t flare out when it goes across my belly. I’m wearing it with the baseball tee look because, like I said I’m slightly obsessed with that style. Just like all the Lularoe pieces, you can find the Julia is a number of patterns and colors.I also have the Julia in a small, but I’m in between the medium & large in the Julia, so stay tuned for that lularoe review (hopefully in the next month or so.)

There you have my Lularoe review & thoughts on why Lularoe is so appealing to mother’s. It’s comfortable and an easy go-to when you want to look cute & put together while you’re in the trenches of motherhood. Visit Courtney’s VIP boutique on Facebook to snag some cute pieces for your collection or to start one. All consultants have different collections, so she might just have exactly what print you’ve been looking for.

WIN! One very lucky Momma in Flip Flops reader will win a Lularoe Randy of your choice (you must be following Courtney’s Facebook page to shop.) Enter through the form below.

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Samples provided, all opinions are my own.

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