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disclosureLast week I mentioned that one of my top baby essentials I would add to a baby registry would be a Moby wrap. Having four children, I know what I could live and live without and that is an absolute essential for me. I am a babywearing maniac and whether I’m getting groceries, hanging out at the hockey court, doing dishes or cleaning the house my babies have always been worn. From infancy through six months the wraps are all I will use on my babies, it was just yesterday I was showing a mom with a ten week old how to put on her Moby Wrap that would be ideal for comfort for both mom and baby. mlb-cubs-stripe-300

If you’re looking for a wrap, then I highly recommend the Moby wrap. Ideal for babies from 8-35 lbs, made from 100% natural cotton material, machine washable & can be worn several different ways & fit women & men of all sizes. Besides their regular collection of colors & prints available online & at many different retailers… if you’re a fan of Major League Baseball then you’ll be thrilled that they have now introduced the official MLB Edition Moby wraps. We’re Cub fans here, and they have two to offer, the MLB Cubs Grey & the MLB Cubs Stripes! MLB Edition collection is available in 24 different wraps. If you’re team is going into the play offs — boo, Cubs are out — keep that baby warm and and cozy next to you, while wearing your favorite team!mlb-reds-300

If you don’t currently wear your baby, or are soon to have a babe, I can imagine the Moby wrap can appear a bit intimidating, bit I assure you after a little practice you will be wrapping like a pro and wont know what you did before. Moby also has easy to understand instructions for using the Moby wrap and I’m happy to answer any questions, you may have.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let the Major League playoffs go by without adding a MLB collection Moby wrap to your collection, or getting one for the first time. They come highly recommended by this momma of four! Get one in your favorite team and cheer in style. Connect with Moby wraps online via facebook and twitter.

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