Motorola Wireless Video Baby Monitor #Giveaway

disclosure043I get pretty excited when I get to feature a truly exceptional product that has really made my life easier in so many ways — what you ask — the Motorola Wireless MBP26 Baby Monitor, exclusively available on Amazon. I have been blown away at just how wonderful and helpful for everyday a video baby monitor is, and if you’ve followed me on Facebook then you’ve already read my excitement about it. As I’m typing away, I’m watching my baby as he sleeps contently in the other room & I’m not jumping up and down checking him or worrying he’s going to roll out of bed (yes, we are a co-sleeping family), and he can go to bed early while I get work done or relax with my husband.140

You might be asking yourself by now — okay, sounds fantastic — but why this monitor over another? Here are a few reasons why I love the Motorola MBP26. This has an LCD colored video monitor that has night vision so I can see my little guy at all times. Up to 520 foot range, so I can easily relax in my basement and even on our porch or patio while still seeing them — it gets better – it alerts you if you get out of range. The base camera can be tilted or moved back and forth from the hand held monitor & I love that the hand held monitor (parent unit) has a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to be buying new batteries all the time & it has a great battery life. I also really like the two way communication, so if baby is fussy I can talk to him while I’m going to tend to him just by pressing a button. Another really great feature is that this monitor can also pair up to four different cameras! 71bVOIIUhzL._SL1500_

When it comes down to it, you can get all sorts of baby monitors — for years I just had to monitors you could hear and was never impressed. I wish someone would have told me just how nice a video monitor was, especially once you have more children. If you’re a new or old expectant parents or parents that need to keep an eye on while they’re children sleep for various reasons, check it out. You can’t beat the price, on sale right now & if you have Amazon prime it qualifies. We’ve been very happy with it.

WIN! One lucky Momma in Flip Flops reader will win the Motorola Wireless MBP26 Baby Monitor. Enter through the form below.


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