Nice Casual Apparel for Boys

boys-nice-outfitAs a parent we have to pick and choose our battles, and as we venture into the tween years my son is becoming more independent and developing a strong opinion. I hard stage to start learning to parent, but also such a joy at the same time. When it comes to apparel he’s all about comfort and athletic wear, but in our family we teach our children depending on what you’re doing or events your attending there’s apparel that’s appropriate and apparel that’s not. Though athletic gear mostly fills his closet, the need for nice casual apparel for boys is a must and that’s where Arizona brand available from JcPenney comes into play. boys-outfitFor his nice casual apparel for boys he’s wearing a long sleeved military inspired button up shirt with roll tab sleeves. He really likes the color and I love that he can wear it with jeans for a more casual look, or with a pair of khaki dress pants for a bit more dressed up. Paired with the top he has on a pair of the Original Fit Arizona Jeans in a darker wash. They look almost black, but they’re not. Both fit great and area available in a range of sizes for your boy. I love that he added his own style with his sneakers with his red and black nike high tops (similar.) boys-nice-casual-outfitIt’s important to let our children be who they are, but it’s still our responsibility to have rules and to guide them. We try to have explanations for all the rules and why we follow them. While your kids find their independence let them shop the Arizona brand at JcPenney, apparel both parents and children can love and afford. We specifically like the nice casual apparel for boys, through toddlerhood and the tween years.

Samples provided, all opinions are my own.

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