Plaid & Ankle Boots for the Perfect Fall Look #fallfashion

Samples were provided, all opinions are my own. demand shoes 2Plaid is super trendy and absolutely perfect for fall, but to complete the look you need the perfect boots! Boots that will complete the plaid shirt look, but also mesh right into the rest of your wardrobe as boots that you will want to wear a number of ways. If you haven’t checked out Demand Shoes and the selection of not only boots and booties but casual, dressy and more types of footwear then you are missing out. Demand Shoes Boots

Today I want to share with you the PLEN TEE boots in the black combo suede. I love the bit of a western feel they have and that the brown on the toe and heel gives a touch of look like glitter! Because, as women we sparkle and should feel like it! These are from the Diba True brand available from Demand Shoes and my favorite of the brands they carry. The boots always hold up amazingly well, even after a repeated wear over years & have a unique look that you won’t find just anywhere. demandshoes 1

I’m choosing to wear the PLEN TEE today with my fun Plaid Top available at Conversation Pieces, cream vest & skinny jeans from Old Navy. A fun fall look and the ankle boots give it a western feel that’s perfect for fall.

My closet has a selection of footwear from Demand Shoes and the brands they carry & I have been extremely happy with everything. They do take a little more ” breaking ” in then some brands, but well worth it. Visit their site to view the selection! That Chic Mom is styling a pair of boots and looks great as always. You might want to snatch them up, creating a western look as well.

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