Preschool Backpacks & Adorable Wall Decals

Looking for a preschool backpack that’s the perfect size for your little preschool child and will appeal to their age? The Stephen Joseph Mini Sidekick Backpacks are fantastic for the little schooler at heart and perfect for preschool children attending daycare, preschool or even for travels to keep all their favorite toys and gear with them. BackpackOur little guy has been dreaming of school ever since I dropped his siblings of for the first time this past fall. He would cry and look for anything he could fill with books and a treat to be just like his big brothers and sisters. Now, each day this little guy fills his preschool backpack and heads out the door with the big kids, though instead of getting out at school, he comes back home with mom for some preschool activities backpack sharkStephen Joseph has an assortment of preschool backpacks and products alike, but the Mini SideKick is working best for us. Available in 15 different looks for boys & girls, you can even get it personalized, with cushioned straps, mesh side pockets and can zip up inside whatever your preschooler might need. My little guy is wearing the share preschool backpack and we couldn’t be more happy.

Stephen Joseph isn’t limited to just preschool backpacks – they have adorable purses and bigger backpacks, sacks and more in cute designs. If you visit their website you’ll find a collection of rain gear as well, perfect for spring. I’ve been looking a cute wall decal for my daughter and the Outdoor Wall Decal from Stephen Joseph was perfect.Wall DecalMy husband got all of these put up quickly and looking great within 20 minutes and we really like how it turned out on her purple wall. I was a little worried because these are slightly textured walls, but they went on nicely and haven’t come off.

If you’re new to wall decals they come in all different kinds, these are just like sticks and actually can be pealed off and re-stuck. The tree comes in several different pieces that needs to be put together how you like it. My husband did a fantastic job and my daughter couldn’t be more happy.

Visit Stephen Joseph for more great products & the perfect preschool backpacks I’ve seen in awhile. Ellen of That Chic Mom is sharing the adorable rain gear from Stephen Joseph, fantastic for the rainy spring weather.
Samples were provided, all opinions are my own.

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