Real Mom Style: Comfortable Fashion

I know not all my readers are mothers, but women as a whole I think we want comfort & function that still shows off our sense of style. That’s why I started sharing Real Mom Style so many years ago & though sometimes I don’t always wear pieces that represent that, 99% of the time I do. Fashion that functions, is comfortable & looks cute and stylish for whatever adventure I’m on.

Lets first talk about footwear — seriously, we all know, if your feet aren’t happy you aren’t going to be happy. I really want shoes that I can be n my feet all day and they don’t bother me. That’s where these adorable black flats (Sweet Step) from Secret Celebrity come into play. These flats are amazing… I didn’t even have to break them in and they’re an easy, comfortable flat that has a little bit of style with the strap around the ankle. You can snag them in several colors. I’ve been wearing them non-stop this fall with my favorite cozy sweaters & jeans to even more dressier occasions. Keep your eye on instagram and my insta-stories to see them styled in other ways.

Even on days you need to dress up a little more, you’re still a momma so dress like one that will make your babies happy! Comfortable shoes are a must, but so aren’t pieces you really like. I adore this windowpane peplum top  from J.Jill. You see a lot of peplum like tops lately but I haven’t seen any that are just in the back. Super cute and takes this classic plaid button up to the net level. You can check out this top out in action over on my Instagram account.

Don’t let your clothing & footwear stop you from being the best stylish momma you can be. Some samples provided, all opinions are my own.

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