Real Mom Style: Herringbone Vest Outfit

Real Mom Style, where you find the outfits that I actually wore all day as a busy mom. I love styling different pieces and putting together outfits, but real mom style is about sharing what I put on when I got up in the morning and how it worked for me as I went about doing all that I do.  I knew immediately I wanted to share with you this herringbone vest outfit, I’m about a year or two out from when the herringbone vest was super trendy, but regardless it’s going to be an item that can be worn over and over again, now that it’s in my wardrobe. Why did I just now get the herringbone vest you ask? Well, it was always sold out, or not available in my size and then last year I was pregnant so anything trendy was just not on my radar to purchase. Then I won a $100 gift card to Simple Addiction boutique and it was the first thing in my cart! I couldn’t wait to style it & with valentines day being a super casual family day for us, this is what I came up with.

Herringbone Vest Outfit : Skinny Jeans are from ShopBop, Blank Denim brand and my absolute favorites. Boots I’ve had for literally like 7 years from a boutique in Chicago, my husband calls them my Peter Pan boots so I always call them that. Sadly the boutique is no longer around. My top is a blush pink long sleeved tee with slits up the side from Old Navy. I love this top but wish I wouldn’t have gotten the shirt with the slits, they bother me and I have to wear a tank underneath or my skin shows (annoying!) This necklace is from the Compassion Fund over at J.Jill and perfect for Valentine’s Day with the heart + the cord is like kid proof so I dont have to worry about her breaking it.

We were on the run all day. Had a meet up with my friend about starting a Little Flowers Group next year, then a Subway lunch with my husband, the dentist for my preschooler & school pick up. Baby girl was owly and I was glad to have something I could easily nurse her in.

Baby girl is wearing Carter’s hand me downs from a very generous friend + this cute headband that’s only .99 cents on Amazon! I don’t go anywhere without one of these muslin blankets & I use this super cute Hedgren tote bag as our diaper bag and I love it.

A little real life mom style for you all, featuring my cute herringbone vest outfit and adorable baby girl. Ellen is sharing real mom style today also, so bop on over to That Chic Mom. Thanks for reading.

A few affiliate links & a sample item are in this post to help you shop easier, a small percentage of money goes to me if you purchase these items, however it doesn’t cost you anymore. Thanks!

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