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Getting up and getting dressed each day really makes me feel better all day. Even if my plan is to stay home other than dropping off kids at school and picking them up. If I put on something nice or even just decent, do my hair and put just a bit of makeup on, I know I look okay if someone stops by or if I have to unexpectedly go somewhere. One way that helps me get out of a slump and not just grab the easiest thing in my eye sight (leggings and a running tee) is my participating infashion / style  instagram challenges. I got away from them for close to a year, but I’ve been having fun with them the last several weeks. Here’s four looks from the last week or so, that were inspired by Instagram challenges.

Look one: three challenges, one look. Military I went with moto boots. Cardigan, went with one I haven’t wore on forever. Blue hues, the blue in my scarf.

Wear this look: cardigan (similar) | black tee | moto boots (similar)| jeans | scarf

Look two: Challenges included either winter boots or no boots. I went with flats because it was rather nice for January. Opposites brown and black & plaid with my scarf.

Wear this look: Leopard Flats | Jeans | Black Tee | Cardigan | Scarf (similar) |

Look three: My own challenge of trying to wear a different pair of shoes/boots each day in a week. I found these (along with other boots) in the back of my closet. They have studs on the back of the heel.

Wear this Look: Boots | Jeans (see above) | Orange Tee | Navy Cardigan (similar) | Plaid Scarf |

Look four: Color my world: tassels on my bracelets. Pretty Pout: went with my Mac lip color I haven’t wore in forever. Bootie Babe: Another pair of lace/zip up boots I haven’t wore in well over a year. Arm Candy: Bracelets + watch.

Wear this Look: JORD Women’s Watch | Bracelets | Boots (similar) | Scarf | Jeans (see above) | Randy Lularoe (coming soon)

If you’re interested in joining any Instagram challenges, please just let me know. I’m happy to tag you in the ones I follow & you can pick and choose what you’d like to jump in on. Have you ever participated in an Instagram challenge?

Ellen of That Chic Mom also jumps in on Instagram challenges. You can check out her Real Mom Style post to see how she worked them into her wardrobe recently.

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