Real Mom Style: An Instagram Fall Recap

Life is quite the adventure, & full of life seasons. I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years now… wow! This past fall/winter I found myself focusing a lot more on my enjoyment of photographs & Instagram… if you’re on that social platform, I’m sure you’ve noticed! With that said, I’m not about ready to dump the blog it just seems that posts will be more spread out then in years past.. or at least for a little while. I do have some content scheduled to come at you soon & I enjoy posting Real Mom Style outfit ideas, so I’ll be back at that as well. So in light of fashion & real mom style.. I want to share with you my top picks from October, November and December per my Instagram roundup. October brought layers & ankle boots! Stripes, prints & apparently a lot of coffee! These were my top six instagram looks for October that are still fitting for these cold winter months.

We had a lovely November as far as temperatures. I focused mostly on print mixing & had some repeat items worn in different ways. The black bell sleeved sweater dress was a hit and I’ve already gotten more wear out of it than anticipated. Novembers 7 top looks from Instagram. Decembers Instagram favorites was a mix of looks. Dug out the two fur vests I own and loved how those outfits turned out. Stepped totally out of my comfort zone with the black brimmed hat on a beautifully snowy day. Also adding in more big jewelry to make my outfits stand out, instead of the more small and delicate, not hardly seen pieces.

More Real Mom Style coming at you soon!

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