Real Mom Style: Instagram Outfits from the Week

Some of my favorite posts from fashion bloggers, or just fashionable gals are when they put together a post of instagram outfits they wore from the week. That why, I can pin the looks that resonated with me & get the details of where to purchase the items I really like. With changing up real mom style, we are going to try sharing our instagram outfits from the week on occasion. Let me know if this is something you enjoy.

Sunday’s Outfit

I wore this to Mass before our Super Bowl little party. I went through a few totes of clothes and was easily able to fit into these purple skinny pants and couldn’t wait to wear them. Unfortunately, yet fortunately, by the end of the day they were too big feeling.

Outfit Details: Brian James Wedge Booties | Purple Skinny Jeans (not the same but so cute) | Faux Fur Top | Bangle & Earrings.

Mondays Outfit

Getting more and more familiar with the Lularoe styles and this randy top really spoke to me. It’s black and then the body is kind of purplish with little redish/black dots. I’m also sticking to my boot idea of trying to wear them all if they don’t speak to me, I’m donating/selling them.

Outfit Details: Lularoe Randy Top from Courtney (more to come) | Boots Super old | AG jeans | Belt Old | Watch

Tuesdays Outfit

Jeans on repeat from Monday, because they’re my favorites & they weren’t dirty. Hah! Keepin’ it real here. I did wear a pair of boots I wore a couple weeks ago, but I loved the western vibe they gave this top.

Outfit Details: AG Jeans | Western Boots | Belt Old | Top c/o of Ruffled Rain | bangles

Wednesday Outfit

This outfit makes me so excited because this is my all time favorite t-shirt & I finally was able to fit in it, and it didn’t look tight! Yay for working hard & sticking to the weight watchers plan (which I promise to update soon.) These jeans were also in the tote and by the end of the day were feeling too big. Ah! I wore this to all schools Mass, errands and half day of school so got to hang out with the kiddo’s.

Outfit details: Fringe Moccasins Minnetonka | Jeans Max Jeans | Mama Bear Tee | Pink Cardigan

Thursday: I cleaned all day, had a late shower & didn’t go anywhere, so I ended up in yoga  pants & a tee. No photo. 😉

Fridays Outfit (today)

I’ve been dying to try this Lularoe Julia dress on & I really like the way it fit. This is a medium. I wanted to see how easily it would be to nurse in, which it’s possible with leggings but wouldn’t be good if I was going out in public. Ugh! Love it though & will plan to wear when I’m not going anywhere for long lengths of time (baby exclusively breastfeeds.)

Outfit Details: Lularoe Julia dress from Courtney (more to come) | Diba True Boots | Grey Leggings | Necklace Kohl’s |

There you have my Instagram outfits from the week. Thanks for following my fashion journey. You can always catch my outfits of the day on my Instagram account & a lot of time over on Facebook as well.

Ellen of That Chic Mom is always sharing her instagram outfits from the week. Stop by and give her some love.

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